'Octomom' Natalie Suleman Shares Pic of Her Octuplets & They're So Big!

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

Ever go through the day and wonder what happened to random celebrities who made headlines many many years ago? If so, one of those stars -- or reality stars, in this case -- who just might make your list is Natalie Suleman, otherwise known as "the Octomom." This single mom of six turned heads back in 2009 after she gave birth to octuplets. And nine years later, her youngest kiddos still look all sorts of adorable. Natalie Suleman shared a photo of her eight children that's as cute as can be and perfect for the back-to-school season.

  • Natalie recently shared a photo of her octuplets on Instagram in honor of them going back to school.

    "Any other parents exceptionally stressed and overwhelmed the first week back to school? I must admit six (yes I said six!) drop offs and pick ups monopolize most of my day, as I am an official bus driver (but wouldn’t have it any other way lol)," the single mom admits in her Instagram post. "Per usual, none of the older kids want anything to do with taking a picture, as much as I begged!"

    The back-to-school struggle is truly real. Hang in there, mama!
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  • And it's so dang cute.

  • People are in love with these kiddos.

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    They really are adorable.

  • And think this mama is doing a good job.

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    That's all you can really do.

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  • Keep the fun times coming!

    We're here for it -- and feel kinda old now considering how big the octuplets are!

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