17 Reasons Why 'Jersey Shore' Star JWoww Is the Ultimate Mom Friend

Tanvier Peart | Aug 23, 2018 Celebrity Moms
17 Reasons Why 'Jersey Shore' Star JWoww Is the Ultimate Mom Friend


Every mom deserves a friend who is reliable, loyal, and can help make this thing called parenting a little easier to navigate. Some will help out with a last-minute bake sale, watch the kiddos, and be a listening ear when 'ish hits the fan. But all mom BFFs aren't created equal, as there are others who take the ride-or-die approach to bestie responsibilities and become the go-to person should a mama need someone to keep it real -- or possibly bail them out of jail. (Hey, it can happen.) Jersey Shore star Jenni"/JWoww" Farley happens to be a member of the latter group, as she's definitely the kind of mom friend we all need who keeps it 100.

Watching JWoww over the years on the Jersey Shore has been nostalgic, considering we've been rocking with the cast since 2009. We've seen Jenni throw hands in the name of friendship, call folks out on their BS without any apologies, and prove time and time again why she's the force (and friend) to be reckoned with. And now that she's back with the gang on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, we get to see the reality star back in action again -- but this time as a wife and mom of two who can fist bump while giving den mother feels.

She can party it up with the best of them while making sure everyone else on the team is straight. She's all about her kiddos (JWoww is the proud mama of daughter Meilani, 4, and Greyson, 2), but knows the importance of self-care and people living their best lives without making apologies for being sexy or a parent (both can coexist).

Here are several reasons why JWoww is not only a friend in our heads, but a mom friend we'd love to have on our squad. It truly takes a village, and this mama right here is one who takes no sh*t and can hold down the camp.
  • She Enjoys Life, Even If There's a Mess to Clean Up


    We all need to let our hair down from time to time and just have fun, and JWoww is definitely the mom to help lead the way.

  • She Doesn't Need to Fit in With a Group ... She Is the Group


    It can be hard being a mom, especially when attempts are made to fit in with a mom group. One thing JWoww knows how to do (and well) is make space for herself without waiting for someone to say it's OK for her to join in on the fun.

  • She Takes Life as it Comes


    As helpful as those What to Expect When You're Expecting books can be -- along with other reads that try to provide a play-by-play blueprint on how moms should handle life's scenarios -- sometimes, a mama just has to wing it and take life as it comes.

    JWoww is one of those moms who reminds us it's OK to enter uncharted territory without a map as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to this parenting game.

  • She Knows Her Worth & Appreciates Saving a Coin


    We can only imagine the fun we would have with JWoww at Target or another beloved place moms like to frequent. Kids cost a grip of money, so we're totally here for anyone who challenges us to save a coin and ask for lower prices.

  • When She Loves, She Loves Hard


    There's something to be said for loyalty -- it can be a hard trait to find in people, especially when trying to make a friend. People talk behind each other's backs, will sell a friend out in an instant, and commit other crimes that deserve side eye.

    But JWoww prides herself on being loyal to the ones she loves. And when she loves her friends, she treats them like family and will do anything for them.

  • She'll Check Ya If Need Be


    While we certainly don't condone violence -- unless throwing hands is the last resort (LOL) -- there is something to be said about JWoww's push to hold people accountable.

  • When She's Wrong, She Owns It


    Friends are bound to have tiffs and arguments, so it's refreshing to see someone come back to the circle for the sake of patching things up.

  • There's Never a Glass of Wine That's Too Far Away


    Yeah, no explanations are needed with this one.


  • She Can Weed Out 'Frenemies' & Evildoers With the Quickness


    Why entertain nonsense and drama? Should anyone be having difficulty showing those who need their membership to the inner circle revoked, we all know who to call.

  • She's Down to Hang but Knows When Enough Is Enough


    Gone are the days when we could stay up until 3 or 4 a.m. dancing and hanging out like we had no responsibilities. Those days are obviously over as moms often can't make it past 9 p.m. without dozing off, and only wake up in the wee hours of the morning to check on LO or remove a foot from their necks, should the little ones find their way into bed.

    It's cool to try to hang (heaven knows moms needs a night on the town, too), but it's OK to admit when enough is enough.

  • She's Cool With the DIY Life, but Isn't Trying to Replace Martha Stewart


    Burn it? Buy it next time. Can't get that Pinterest craft to actually look like a Pinterest craft? That's why we have Etsy.

    Moms have enough on their plates to worry about.

  • She's the Friend to Call When Sh*t Hits the Fan


    JWoww is always ready to help a friend in need and will bring or make her own hazmat suit to take care of business.

  • She's Not About Judging, Especially When It Comes to Carbs


    A woman after our own hearts who doesn't shy away from food -- and doesn't care who sees.

  • She Believes Her Friends Should Have Nice Things, Too


    Remember when JWoww hooked The Situation up with her jeweler on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation -- and practically planned his entire proposal?

    That's an awesome friend right there!

  • A Mother's Time Is Truly Precious & She's Not Afraid to Let Anyone Know It


    Have a mom friend who's always making everyone late? Call JWoww. Need the kiddos to speed it up, but they refuse to listen? Call JWoww. Trying to leave on time and someone won't cut the conversation short? Call JWoww. Need people who are lingering after a child's birthday party to leave the house?

    Call JWoww.

  • She Has a Comforting Touch


    When JWoww's co-star, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, was going through his cheating scandal (cameras kinda caught him stepping out on his girlfriend while she was pregnant), she was there to comfort the friend she considers a brother and be a listening ear to his fears of fatherhood approaching fast.

  • She's the Perfect Reminder That Moms Can Still Dip It & Do It


    Get it, mama!

    If anything, JWoww reminds us to let our hair down and let loose from time to time. We don't always have to be so button-up 24/7 and act like we're at a PTA meeting.

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