41 Celebrity Gender Reveal Ideas That Are Too Cute to Pass Up

Haley Longman | Aug 28, 2018 Celebrity Moms
41 Celebrity Gender Reveal Ideas That Are Too Cute to Pass Up

Kristin Cavallari gender reveal

These days, a pregnancy announcement and the gender reveal that often comes with it aren’t just for the parents-to-be and their nearest and dearest. Social media has made it easy for pregnant couples to turn their big news into a whole to-do. Remember when we'd just take home a sonogram photo and be done with it -- or have the doctor spill the beans if it's a boy or girl by looking at an ultrasound? Oh, such simpler times.

And of course, celebrities like to turn their gender reveals into grand gestures, just like us regular folk. There are plenty of celeb parents whose announcements were a bit cliche -- like cutting into a cake to find blue or pink frosting, watching an object explode into a bomb of pink or blue paint, or popping balloons that released streamers indicating one sex or the other -- but still effective nonetheless.

Then again, some of these famous couple's reveals were super clever, whether they shared the reveal on TV (no big deal) or broke the news to friends and family at an over-the-top themed party. And who can forget the tons of stars who showed how to incorporate older siblings into the big announcement -- like having the older brother or sister open up a box, hold up a prop, or simply stand next to a sign that declared the baby's sex? (Spoiler alert: These can sometimes work for pets, too!)

And if over-the-top gender reveals are too, well, over-the-top, there are plenty more subtle ways to do it, as celebs like Lauren Conrad, Chrissy Teigen, and yes, even Kim Kardashian prove. Here's a look at some memorable celebrity gender reveals for a little inspiration that any expectant mama can make her own. Many of these seem totally effortless, super cute, and easy to implement.

Have fun!
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