17 Times Jennifer Garner Proved to Be the Relatable Mom Friend We Can't Help but Love

Bethany Quinn | Aug 24, 2018 Celebrity Moms
17 Times Jennifer Garner Proved to Be the Relatable Mom Friend We Can't Help but Love

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is an A-list actor, not to mention, an A-plus mom. We loved her on Alias, and she stole our hearts in 13 Going On 30. And now, she's giving new meaning to the term #momgoals with her turn on social media. Jennifer Garner is a mom to three kids -- Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6 -- whom she shares with her ex, Ben Affleck. Ben and Jen announced their split in 2015, but didn't actually make it official until 2017. During that time, many outlets blamed Ben's infidelities as the cause of their split. (Jen subsequently won the public over with her grace and composure in the face of such a tough time.) She remains steadfast in her kids-first approach to co-parenting with Ben and is the epitome of what it means to be a loving and caring person and the ultimate mom friend.

Jennifer joined Instagram a little less than a year ago, and we are so glad she did as we get to peel a few layers back and see more of her goofy and lovable personality. She makes being a single mom look easy and fun -- which is no easy task. Jennifer's posts have moms everywhere collectively laughing or nodding their heads in agreement. From struggling to wrap presents, to donning her old marching band uniform, or helping her kids sell Girl Scout Cookies, she is a celebrity mom we just love to root for and relate to and really is as good as gold. Whether she's hanging out with Ina Garten or reading stories to her dog, Jennifer Garner is truly the mom friend we all wish we had. She's definitely worth following for some laughs and inspiration.

Here are many times Jennifer Garner proved to be beyond relatable and the ultimate mom friend we don't deserve.

  • She Gets 'High'


    This was one of Jennifer's first posts on Instagram and also the first time we got to see just how funny she is in real life, thanks to the Hamilton soundtrack and a trip to the dentist. "Throwback Thursday -- that time I had dental anesthesia ... laughing gas + novocaine + Hamilton = you're welcome," she wrote.

  • She Sells Her Daughter's Girl Scout Cookies Without Shame


    This photo pretty much solidifies Jennifer's place as the top mom in Hollywood. It's not every day you see a major celeb selling Girl Scout cookies outside of their local supermarket. 

  • Her Car Is Just as Messy as Ours


    Jennifer posted this super-relatable snap in back in July of all the random junk she has in her car. "Every single time I get out of the car. [100 percent.] How? Why?" she captioned in this Instagram post.

    Yeah, Jen, we certainly do feel you!

  • She's About That 'Dancing in Grocery Aisles' Life


    So many of us get caught doing this on the regular (LOL).

    But Jen?

    She obviously doesn't care and invites anyone and everyone to watch her.

  • She's Down to Try Anything for Her Kids ... on 'Yes Day'


    We're still on the fence with this one, but love how adventurous she is.

    Jennifer shared this fun video to celebrate "Yes Day," an annual celebration of her saying yes to whatever her children want. This is her second year taking a page from Amy Krouse Rosenthal's Yes Day book -- and likely won't be the last.

  • She'll Do Anything for Her Kids


    In addition to "Yes Day," Jennifer Garner has no problem doing things for her kiddos -- like dressing up to commemorate a random milestone. "SPOTTED on the 100th Day of School: ZERO THE HERO!" she captioned in this Instagram post.

    This definitely gives new meaning to the phrase, "going above and beyond."

  • She Takes Celebrating Friends' Birthdays to the Next Level


    Jennifer sent her gal pal, Reese Witherspoon, a very special message for her birthday that needed no bow or store-bought card. She threw on her old marching band uniform and played a saxophone rendition of "Happy Birthday" that takes celebrating a friend's birthday to the next level.

    Who knew she was so multi-talented?

  • 'Books With Birdie'


    We just love Jennifer for this one!

    It's no secret this mama loves to read, but reading to her dog takes things to a whole new level -- including the times when they both dress up! We wonder how many people felt inspired to read to their pups with this post.

  • She Gets the Struggle of Trying to Have 'Me Time'


    Jennifer captured the collective thoughts of all moms on vacation when she questioned, "If I sit so still will the kids forget I'm here?" in this Instagram post.

    Sorry, girl. They're gonna find you.

  • Um ... She Loves Target


    This might be Jennifer's most relatable post yet. A mom who loves Target is a mom after our own hearts!

  • She's Not Afraid to Poke Fun at Herself


    We just love a mom who doesn't take herself too seriously! Jennifer really knows how to take a joke as she posted this video having a little fun with a permanent marker.


  • She Can't Function Without Her Coffee Fix


    "You’ll never need coffee more than the day after 'Yes Day!' Jennifer captioned in this Instagram post. Kudos to mamas who don't need several fluid ounces of java running through their veins to survive the day (or their kids). We are definitely not a part of that crew -- and it doesn't look like Jennifer is, either.

    Never stop being you, girl!

  • She Gets Sweet Mom Finds, Too


    While Jen has yet to share a picture of her kids on Instagram, she does post some of the sweet moments she shares with them. "Boys are sweet. #suitcaselovenote #kidsareteachers#spreadlove," Jennifer Garner captioned in this Instagram post.

  • She's Total #KitchenGoals


    Jennifer often shares what she's cooking up in her kitchen with her very own pretend cooking show on the 'Gram that's easy to follow and uses somewhat simple ingredients. It looks pretty darn tasty.

    (When can we come over?)

  • She Keeps Our Babies Healthy


    Jennifer recently launched Once Upon a Farm which serves up organic cold-pressed baby food, applesauce, and smoothies. It seems totally fitting that she would launch an organic baby food company being that she spends so much time on her own farm.

    Thanks for helping to keep our babies healthy!

  • She Has Her Fangirl Moments


    We love when celebs fangirl over other celebs, and that's exactly what happened when Jennifer met Ina Garten. "I understand if this brings up big feelings for you, but I spent the morning with @inagarten," she wrote in this Instagram post. "In her barn kitchen, in her garden, having coffee ... yes. It’s true .... Thank you for the perfect morning, Ina, you are beloved for a reason. I can't wait to continue the conversation."

  • She Legit Is a Guardian Angel


    Back in June, Jennifer Garner shared the first photo of Ben Affleck on her Instagram to celebrate him for Father's Day. "Our kids are lucky to have a dad who looks at them the way you look at them and loves them the way you love them, @benaffleck," she sweetly captioned in her post.

    A number of people (moms included) praised the actress for her amazing heart, co-parenting prowess, and taking her ex to rehab -- after staging an intervention -- when he needed help. She is truly a gem and a guardian angel.

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