'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation': 5 Stars Who Are Now Proud Parents

Becky Bracken | Aug 23, 2018 Celebrity Moms
'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation': 5 Stars Who Are Now Proud Parents

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It's T-shirt time! After a short break from fist-pumping and cab-calling, we're getting ready to hit the club (well, virtually speaking) once again with the lovable and sometimes messy crew of Jersey Shore: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Jennifer "JWoww" Farley, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio Jr. (yeah, buddy!), Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, Vinny Guadagnino, and Deena Nicole Cortese -- with a possible cameo by Angela Pivarnick.

It's been quite the journey partying it up with the Seaside Heights crew over the years. There were epic fights between Sam and Ronnie, The Situation's abs and viscous feud with Angelina, Pauly D's stream of "DTF" girls, and a seemingly endless flowing river of drinks that often left Snooki hitting the pavement, poof-first.

Through it all, the Jersey Shore cast stuck together and have had each other's backs, ultimately forging a friendship that's alive and well today. And now, we get to continue to journey with Jersey Shore: Family Vacation that once again reunites us with our favorite reality crew as they navigate old pleasures and the next chapter of life: parenthood.

Times have certainly changed for many of the Jersey Shore cast members since making their way to Seaside Heights back in 2009. Although we've seen both Snooki and JWoww in action as parents, many have since joined the lifelong club for moms and dads that, frankly, has made them much more interesting.

(Oh the visual of Pauly D jet-setting and mixing on the ones and twos before coming home to help his 5-year-old daughter with her homework.)

Members of the cast's young families were a big part of the first season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation that first aired in April 2018 -- including classic moments such as Snooki sobbing at the club when she hears her son's favorite song; JWoww, Snooks, and Deena heading back to Jersey to briefly visit their families; and the touching to bro-to-bro conversation where Pauly offers Ron advice on fatherhood.

They might not be able to drink up as much "Ron-Ron juice" as they did back in those shore house days and might have to trade in lazy hangover days for school runs and nap schedules more often than not, but they are the same bunch we've come to love six years later.

In honor of the return of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, here's a look back at five stars of the show before and after they became parents. Looks like it might be time to convert the "smush room" into a nursery.

    JWoww and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro on Jersey Shore

    When we first met JWoww, she was a 23-year-old party girl who loved Ugg boots and had a good head on her shoulders. She was always willing to offer her roommates advice -- such as the time Snooki wanted to quit drinking after getting arrested on charges of being drunk and belligerent.

    She also had her fair share of drama that included going upside The Situation's head and JWoww and Sammi coming to blows because of the "anonymous letter" she left that revealed Ronnie was messing around. JWoww was also no stranger to a few drunken nights herself that made things very entertaining to say the least.


    The Jersey Shore's tatted tough girl has been with her squeeze, Roger Matthews, since meeting back in 2010. They said "I do" in 2015 and have two adorable kiddos together (Meilani, 3, and Greyson, 2) -- often documenting their parenting journey on social media that's hilarious and beyond relatable.



    Although some things might've changed for JWoww, others stayed the same. The busty brunette hasn't lost one iota of swag and isn't afraid to throw up a sexy selfie on the 'Gram without any shame whatsoever. After Jersey Shore ended, the mom of two and her BFF Snooki landed a spin-off series of their own called Snooki & JWoww. Jenni and her hubby also scored their own show, Jenni & Roger: Domesticated, that proves this mama knows how to get some coins.

    JWoww definitely keeps herself busy these days with multiple business ventures and working on that thing called work-life balance. She continues to show us there are levels to this thing called motherhood and lives her best life her way and on her terms.


    All attitude, bronzer, and hair, Snooki was the breakout star of the shore house. Standing at a petite 4 feet, 9 inches tall, the little power partier earned the nickname "meatball" and a trip to jail on charges of being drunk and disturbing the peace during a particularly rough day of drinking back in 2010. Snooki lived her life to the fullest, rarely worried about consequences (who cares about a UTI?), and was often the life of the party who would turn up the heat one back handspring at a time.



    It's been almost four years since Snooki and Jionni LaValle said "I do." The couple, who met (and hooked up) while she was filming the show have two children together, Lorenzo, 6 -- whom she was pregnant with while filming the final season of the Jersey Shore -- and Giovanna, 3.

    During the first season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Snooks had a hard time being separated from her kiddos, but like the true ride-or-die meatball she is, this mama was able to rally. "By day two, I was like 'Oh my God, we have three more weeks here and I already miss them,'" Snooki told People about missing her children while filming the show. "I started crying, then [JWoww] did, and it was like a chain reaction. But we ended up looking at each other being like, 'This is our mom vacation, let’s go enjoy it.' I think we got drunk that day."

    And who knows, the Polizzi-LaValle clan might be expanding as Snooki recently revealed she and Jionni are trying for baby number three.


    Today, Snooki is a wife and mom at home in New Jersey with a very glamorous side hustle. She's been a competitor on shows such as Dancing With the Stars, Celebrity Apprentice, and even took a match on WWE Monday Night Raw. (That's badass.) Though her reality spin-off show with her bestie JWoww is off the air, fans can still catch the two in action on their YouTube #MomsWithAttitude show on the Awestruck channel. She also shares glimpses of her life as a mom on her Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi YouTube channel.




    JWoww and Snooki have taken their bestie status to the next level as moms in the cutest and most adorable way. Their daughters, JWoww's mini me, Meilani, 4, and Snooki's little meatball, Giovanna, 3, are tot-sized BFFs who have their own adventures and will likely grow up to be a powerful pair.


    Pauly D on the Jersey Shore

    Fun-loving and always down to *bleep,* DJ Pauly D was the Jersey Shore's comedic relief and calm center of the storm. It was Pauly's "Cabs are here!" call that launched each night out into high gear. He was the first cast member to get his own spin-off with MTV, The Pauly D Project, that followed him on his music exploits.

    Pauly also had his fair share of escapades with the ladies at the shore house that definitely kept us entertained ... and sometimes a little worried. (LOL, we kid.)



    When he's not behind the DJ booth, these days DJ Pauly D is a devoted dad to his 5-year-old daughter, Amabella Sophia. An active coparent with Amabella's mother, the reality star says fatherhood has made him more selective about the women he dates.

    "Now, I'm even more picky when I pick women to actually meet her or my mother -- only certain ones will meet them," he told Entertainment Tonight last spring. "I put my standards up a lot higher now."

    We might even see Pauly D's little girl follow in her papa's DJ footsteps in the future. "She's a little mini-me," he once told People. "She wants to be a DJ -- I got her a DJ room. She's scratching records already. She's so funny. She just wants to follow me around and do every single thing that I do."


    Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

    Inventor of the high-octane "Ron Ron juice" and once the other half of the Jersey Shore's most dysfunctional relationship, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro might be brawn before brains to some but is nonetheless a beloved cast member who has a soft side.



    During the first season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, fans and pop culture junkies alike found out Ronnie and his girlfriend, Jen Harley, were expecting their first child together after less than a year of dating. Welp, Jersey Shore cameras also caught Ronnie cheating on his then-pregnant girlfriend that was head-turning to say the very least. Not only did he bring home a few randos from the club -- enjoying some "playful" touching in the jacuzzi -- but took one of the girls upstairs to his bathroom where the pair got into a little situation with The Situation in bed just feet away.

    "It's hard having a kid on the way and being with someone that you're not sure you should be with," he admitted on the show. "It's hard to just constantly say 'No, no, no, no' when it's like, every girl in the club wants to talk to you. It's like being in the money machine and the money is just flying everywhere and you're just trying to grab all of it. That's what it like. What, you're just going to stand there? No, you're going to try to grab all the money."



    Today, Ronnie is putting what matters first: his precious 4-month-old daughter, Ariana Sky. "I've chosen to take some time off to be a father to my beautiful daughter," the celeb dad wrote in an Instagram post about skipping Jersey Shore-related functions.

    "I've got to experience everything in my life thankfully because of #JS & #MyFans. There's nothing that can replace the feeling of being a father. Thank you for all the love & support and no I have not quit #jS. I am just choosing to take time so I can watch my daughter grow and be a part of a life not just in her life and be an amazing father. I rather be there for her in person than have to watch her grow through Text messages & IG posts. I can give her everything in the world but if I can't give her a relationship or a bond than all of this is for nothing at the end of the day."



    To say Ron's journey to becoming a dad didn't have controversial moments would be an understatement. Weeks after the birth of their daughter, Ronnie and Jen got into a heated argument online that looked to take a turn for the physical. The on-again, off-again couple tried to patch things up only to get into another fight while Ron was filming season two of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation and another physical scuffle weeks later -- resulting in police arresting Jen on charges of "domestic battery."


    Though their relationship has been a bit volatile, Ronnie and Jen appear to be working on healthier ways to coparent their daughter, Ariana.


    Deena Jersey Shore

    The always sweet Deena Cortese came onto the scene later than the rest of her castmates. Although she didn't appear on the first season with the original cast, this meatball made her Jersey Shore debut after Angelina's dramatic departure during the second season. 

    Deena was always down to party, didn't care what time of day it was to turn up, and quickly became Snooki's petite partner in crime.


    Deena has kept a lower profile back home in Jersey than her cast mates and married longtime love Christopher Buckner in October 2017. On last season's Jersey Shore: Family Reunion, Deena didn't shy away about her hopes of having a baby sooner than later.

    "Yes! Baby fever totally," she told Us Weekly at the show's premiere last spring. "We plan on starting to try. We're trying! I'm very excited. He wants to have three. I would be fine with two, but the more the merrier, right?"


    A post shared by Deena (@deenanicolemtv) on

    Deena is having a baby -- yay!

    The Jersey Shore star revealed the good news in a patriotic way by announcing her pregnancy and revealing her gender in the cutest Instagram post. "Daddy and Mommy can't wait to meet you, Christopher John," she captioned. "You are going to be the most spoiled baby ever!!!!"

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