Ember Jean Roloff: 20 Times Jeremy & Audrey's Baby Girl Stole the Show

Bethany Quinn | Aug 24, 2018 Celebrity Moms
Ember Jean Roloff: 20 Times Jeremy & Audrey's Baby Girl Stole the Show

Audrey Roloff, Ember Jean Roloff

Ember Jean Roloff is the daughter of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff and has been stealing the show and our hearts before she was even born. We were officially introduced to baby Ember on a two-hour special of Little People, Big World where viewers got to see just how she made her big debut, and she did so in quite the dramatic fashion. During the episode, Audrey expressed her desire to give birth naturally, however Ember was past her due date and doctors told Audrey they would have to induce if she didn't go in to labor 12 days past her due date. The clock ticked along, and finally, it looked like Audrey would get her wish. At the last minute, she went into labor, on day 12 at 2:30 a.m., to be exact. (Ember Jean Roloff was born on September 10, 2017, at 9:40 a.m.)

Despite some postpartum issues with breastfeeding, Audrey and Jeremy were over the moon and completely smitten with their baby girl. Audrey shared the announcement on Instagram, writing, "Natural labor was the hardest thing I've ever done, but holding our baby for the first time was undeniably the most empowering and rewarding moment of my life." And of course, the Roloff family shared in Audrey and Jeremy's joy. "I am thrilled to death. I have another son who’s a dad. I couldn't be more happy,” gushed Amy Roloff in the episode. “My second son has a daughter. It’s so exciting," said Matt Roloff. "It is a surreal moment. All of a sudden there's a new life."

Fans have been able to watch Ember grow over the past year. Audrey and Jeremy shared many Ember snaps on social media, and we're so happy they did! Ember is a beauty and quite often steals the spotlight from her mom and dad. From her first Christmas to fun family getaways, take a look at Ember Jean Roloff's cutest moments as she get ready to celebrate her first birthday.

  • Pregnancy Announcement


    In February 2017, Audrey and Jeremy shared the happy news that they were expecting a baby. Audrey posted this picture to Instagram and wrote, "we've been keeping a secret ... and now the secret is finally out! WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!! Expecting our first baby this September."

  • It's a Girl!


    Fans were overjoyed when Jeremy and Audrey announced they were were having a girl ... much to their own surprise. In this picture, posted last April, Audrey wrote, "IT'S A GIRL!!!!! This makes it so much more real ... oh my goodness we are going to have a daughter. This whole pregnancy we thought it was a boy up until the last 3 weeks all signs pointed towards girl ... so we both wore pink today, and we were right!"


  • She's Here!


    When Ember Jean decided to make her debut, it came as a big relief to Audrey and Jeremy as she was 12 days past her due date when she was born. Thankfully, everything went off without a hitch and the world got to meet the baby girl it a special episode of LPBW.

  • Pumpkin Season


    In true Roloff fashion, Ember spent her first fall at the pumpkin patch, just six weeks after she was born. "Because when you're a Roloff your first pumpkin patch photo is kind of a big deal ... one pumpkin is not like the rest," Audrey wrote in her Instagram post. "Who's coming for the last weekend of pumpkin season this weekend?!"

  • Mommy's Girl


    Audrey took to motherhood like a pro from the looks of this picture. "All cozied up with my sweet little Ember," she captioned. "She warms my heart, get it;) Snuggling her is my favorite."

  • Baby Makes Three


    Audrey gave thanks for her little family in this photo, writing, "Contentment is not a state of 'having' in order to 'be.' It’s a state of 'being,' in order to 'praise,'" the new mom perfectly captioned in her Instagram post. "Praise God for giving us 'grace upon grace.' We sure do have A LOT to be thankful for."

    Just look at Ember's face. She's too cute!!

  • Adorable Monthly Snap


    Since her birth, Audrey has blessed LPBW fans with the sweetest -- and most flowery -- Ember updates. This is such an adorable way to commemorate baby getting bigger!

  • Daddy's Sunshine


    Ember and Jeremy enjoyed some fun in the sun on a family vacation this past spring. As anyone can see, Jeremy has got this classic dad pose perfected!

  • Baby's First Christmas


    Baby's first Christmas is a big deal in many families, and the Roloffs are no exception. Audrey and Jeremy shared many family photos during the holiday season, but this one takes the cake! Audrey "I love smiling! Smiling’s my favorite!" Audrey perfectly captioned the photo. "She just gives them away I tell ya ... If this photo didn't make you smile I don't know what will! Ember is a spark of joy. Repeat the sounding joy little one."

  • Apple of Their Eye


    Since having Ember, Audrey has shared her experiences -- including the ups and downs of being a new mom. "GRACE. If I had to sum up what motherhood has taught me into one word, it would be grace," she explains in this Instagram post. "I can be pretty hard on myself, and motherhood is teaching me to give myself grace in the moments when I feel unequipped, ill prepared, or like I don't measure up ..."

  • Headwrap Queen


    Audrey definitely knows how to style her little girl, and this photo of little Ember rocking one of her many headwraps is definitely proof.

    She's such a fashionista in the making!

  • Getting Big!


    Jeremy posted this cute picture of Ember in July. Looks like mom and daughter are enjoying a picturesque day outdoors. "Okay, I know Audrey already posted this, but she always beats me to it! Haha," Jeremy Roloff jokes in his Instagram post. "I'm sharing it anyways because it’s basically all my favorites in one photo."

  • Sweet Face!


    Ember showed off her chunky baby thighs in this adorable snap Jeremy posted. She's definitely got daddy wrapped around her finger!

  • Happy Birthday, Daddy!


    This photo, taken on Jeremy's birthday, also celebrates Ember turning 8 months. "From the beginning you've had such a strong connection with our daughter that makes my eyes water," Audrey gushed about her man in this Instagram post. "I love seeing how engaged and content you are just playing with her, talking to her, and making her laugh."

  • Beach Babe


    Ember definitely takes home the award for cutest baby in a swimsuit. Just look at her -- and those stunner shades!

  • The Roloff Girls!


    Looks like Audrey not only got a beautiful daughter when Ember was born, but a new best friend, too! "Grace upon grace. You are the biggest blessing and the sweetest girl Ember Jean. I love you always, always more," she captioned in this photo for the 'Gram.

  • Grandpa's Gal!


    Of course Audrey and Jeremy aren't the only ones to show off pictures of little Ember. Matt Roloff is one proud grandpa and isn't afraid to show it.  "Ember said 'hey grandpa' ... time to get some new toys around here," he wrote in this fun-loving Instagram post.

  • Cousin Love


    Amy Roloff also shares sweet images of her grandkids. Here's Ember with her cousin Jackson. "Cousins! Love my grandkids Jackson and Ember forever and always," she wrote next to this adorable snap. "They have my heart. So fun having them over on Sunday. Woohoo!"

  • Happy Girl


    Ember is one blessed child! We can't wait to see what Audrey and Jeremy have in store for her first birthday. "I can’t believe I have an 11 month old now?! LIKE HOW. Already time to start planning the first birthday party" Audrey writes in this oh so sweet Instagram post.

  • Adventures With Mommy


    Look how much fun Audrey and Ember are having on their adventure. These two are truly an adorable mommy-daughter duo.

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