31 Celebrity Kids Who Are BFFs in the Making

Bethany Quinn | Aug 17, 2018 Celebrity Moms
31 Celebrity Kids Who Are BFFs in the Making

JWoww and Snooki with their daughters

Celebrity kids pretty much have it made from the day they're born. From fashionable clothes, to the latest gadgets, and trips to the world's most exotic locations (on a private jet nonetheless), celeb offspring are #blessed! And of course, who else is better to understand the life of a celeb kid than another celeb kid, of course. With paparazzi tailing their every move, it only makes sense that celebrities would have their kids play with other celeb kids. Lord knows any non-famous person might cringe at the thought of their little one being hounded by photographers while on a playdate. We can't even begin to imagine all the craziness that comes with territory of being famous!

It's pretty nice to see some of our favorite celebs turn into parents and dote on their mini-mes. We love keeping up with Hollywood's adorable offspring, from the first birth announcement, to becoming celebrities in their own right and finding their group of friends.

Pictures of celeb kid playdates -- and all of their dreaminess -- flood social media that turn even the most A-list of stars into a more relatable mom or dad. These famous BFFs in the making are already making waves on social media, thanks to their famous parents. The tots have even inspired fashion trends and numerous hashtags (#squadgoals, anyone?) all while making our hearts melt.

Celeb friendships, much like relationships, often don't stand the test of time (and the Hollywood pressure), but it looks like these sweet friendships were built to last. From cousins to second generation BFFs, to new besties, click through to see some of our favorite celebrity kids BFFs.

  • Blue Ivy Carter & Apple Martin


    Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce may seem like an unlikely BFF pair, but that doesn't stop them from showing each other love every chance they get. Beyonce even told Harper's Bazaar in an interview that she strives to be like Gwyneth -- so it's pretty obvious that their kids would be besties as well. In this picture posted to Gwyneth's Instagram, Blue Ivy and Apple, along with two other friends celebrating a birthday. "Birthday brunch squad #godsisterandbesties," the Academy Award winner wrote.

  • Maxwell Johnson & Wilder Faison


    Jessica Simpson and Cacee Cobb have been best friends since their days growing up back in Texas. Cacee used to be Jessica's personal assistant, but now the two BFFs are moms and have lives of their own. However, that doesn't stop them from hanging out with their families. Last year, Jessica posted this sweet picture of her daughter Maxwell and Cacee's daughter, Wilder (who she shares with actor Donald Faison). "Besties raising Besties," the singer-turned-entrepreneur wrote in her Instagram post.

  • North West & Penelope Disick


    The original celeb-kid girl gang. North West and Penelope Disick have inspired memes galore and even have adults envious with their #bbfgoals. Just look at their little faces in this photo. They've already got the communicating-without-speaking thing down!

    If that doesn't say "bestie," we don't know what does.

  • Chicago West & True Thompson


    These cousins were born just a few months apart, and with the Kardashian-Jenner family being notoriously tight, we're sure these girls will be ruling the streets of Calabasas in no time. "Best friends for life!!!" Kim Kardashian captioned this adorable photo of Chicago and True.

    We'll say!

  • Luca Comrie & Pearl Osbourne


    Hillary Duff and Jack Osbourne's ex-wife Lisa have been friends for years. And with their eldest kids just a few months apart, these moms made sure that their cuties would be BFFs, too. Hillary's son Luca and Lisa's daughter, Pearl, have attended baby class together and often have playdates.

  • King Cairo & Sebastian Thomaz


    Amber Rose and Blac Chyna are ride-or-die BFFs. They have truly been there for each other through some pretty intense ups and downs. Their sons, King Cairo and Sebastian Thomaz, appear to be as thick as thieves, too, judging from all the adorable snaps Amber posts to Instagram.

  • Giovanna LaValle & Meilani Mathews


    We got to watch self-proclaimed "guidettes" Snooki and JWoww leave their partying days behind them and blossom into amazing moms.

    ... Well, until Jersey Shore: Family Vacation starts back up (LOL).

    Their daughters, Giovanna and Meilani, are close in age and are the spitting images of their moms (just look at this photo!) "I AM SCREAMING! Literally us when we hug @jwoww," Snooki wrote in an Instagram post about this photo.

    Too. Cute.

  • Ace Johnson & Rocco Faison


    We already mentioned these boys' sisters (Maxwell and Wilder), but it looks Ace Johnson, son of Jessica Simpson, and Rocco Faison, son of Cacee Cobb, are pretty keen on each other, too. This photo proves that their moms' friendship has definitely been passed down to their kids!

  • Matilda Ledger & Birdie Leigh


    Name a more famous BFF pair than Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps -- we'll wait ...

    Michelle and Busy have been best friends since their days on Dawson's Creek. It's practically guaranteed folks won't catch Michelle on a red carpet without Busy by her side, so it makes sense that their daughters are friends, too. Matilda Ledger and Birdie Leigh are definitely a BFFs, though their adventures don't always make it to social media because Michelle isn't on Instagram.

  • Cree Hardrict & Aden Housley


    Another pair of cousin besties comes courtesy of Tia and Tamara Mowry. Their sons, Cree Hardrict, and Aden Housley, have been BFFs since they were infants. Their moms have shared many precious moments from their boys' lives on social media, and we just love staying up to date with this gorgeous family.

  • Blue Ivy Carter & Monroe and Moroccan Cannon


    When it comes to term "diva," Mariah Carey and Beyonce pretty much own the title. Still, it's nice to see these megastars share some sweet family moments with their kids. Mariah posted this photo in 2016 writing, "backstage at Christmas time with our beautiful children." 

    We can totally see these kiddos stay in touch!

  • Sloane Haggerty & Future Wilburn


    Mackelmore is a well-known Seattle Seahawks fan, being that he is from Seattle himself. Ciara is married to Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson, so it only makes sense for these musicians to get along. Last year they were seen, along with their children, at a game. Macklemore and his daughter, Sloan, sat with Ciara and her son, Future. Ciara posted the snap to Instagram writing, "I looked over and @Macklemore was hooking up Sloane's hair! ... Classic! Great Job, Ben! Fun Times With Our Kiddos! #GoHawks!"

  • Titan Weatherspoon & Future Wilburn


    Future, Jr. is definitely the social butterfly as he's got this BFF thing down. Kelly Rowland and her son, Titan Weatherspoon, joined Ciara and Future at a trampoline park in 2016, and it's safe to say that these two are still close. (Kelly was a bridesmaid at Ciara's nuptials to hubby Russell Wilson, so we know they still keep in touch.) "Future and Titan Having Conversations On The Trampoline Yesterday. #CutenessOverload," CiCi captioned this Instagram post.

    Cuteness overload is right!

  • Winnie Fallon & Frankie Kopelman

    Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore
    Reuters Photographer/REUTERS

    Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore are not only former co-stars, but current BFFs. The two starred in Fever Pitch back in 2005, and have maintained a solid friendship ever since. Drew's production partner, Nancy Juvonen, married Jimmy after Drew introduced them at a party.  On an episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy revealed, "Our babies play with each other, they're pals!" Drew even told People that her girls call the late night host "Uncle Jimmy."

  • Gideon and Harper Burtka-Harris & Zachary and Elijah Furnish-John


    We envision the Butka-Harris kids ruling the world along with the Furnish-John boys. But for now, they'll just have to stick with glamorous family vacations to Hawaii and trips to the Oscars with their dads. Elton John and Neil Patrick Harris are BFFs, and it looks like the other members of their respective families have a blast with each other, too. David Burtka posted this adorable snap in July, writing, "I am proud to call these wonderful people family ... what a wonderful tradition."

    Try not to swoon!

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