Kristen Bell's 'Preschool Graduation' Video Sparks a Debate

Kristen Bell
Bauer-Griffin/Splash News

There are certain milestones that occur throughout a child's life that will give their mom the feels ... and it looks like going to kindergarten is one of them. Kristen Bell's video at her daughter's preschool graduation shows how rough it can be for a mom to see her child grow up. And, of course, it's sparking a bit of a debate.

  • Kristen documented the feels she experienced at her 5-year-old daughter Lincoln's preschool graduation on Instagram Stories.

    In addition to Lincoln, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have a 3-year-old daughter named Delta.

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  • And as you can see, she didn't make it through the special event without shedding a few tears.

    Definitely a relatable mom moment.

  • A number of peeps are in love with Kristen's video.

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    Yay for positive comments.

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  • And think her feels are totally relatable.

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    Kristen Bell has been known to accurately portray #momlife from time to time (LOL).

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  • Others, however, aren't feeling it.

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    Here we go.

  • Because they think the concept of "preschool graduations" are just flat-out "silly."

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  • And have zero qualms about speaking out.

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  • Welp, alrighty then.

    Whether you agree with Kristen's feels -- or the idea of a preschool graduation -- just let this mama have her feels and enjoy her day without feeling the need to insert your two cents.

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