Zach Roloff Shared a Photo of Jackson by the Water & It's Causing Concern

Tori Roloff, Jackson Roloff, and Zach Roloff

Not a day goes by in the Little People, Big World universe without someone being upset or worried about something. (Sad, but very true.) Welp, Zach Roloff's photo of Jackson by the water is awe-inspiring in more ways than one, but is causing a bit of controversy as some Roloff fans are concerned about the 1-year-old's safety.

  • Zach shared a photo of Jackson sitting along the water during their family trip to Michigan.

    "The UP Michigan," Zach Roloff writes in his Instagram post.

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  • Some of the reality star dad's followers liked the moment and think the pic looks "awesome."

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  • Others are taken aback by the image.

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  • And are fearful about Jackson being in harm's way.

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    This wouldn't be the first time Roloff fans are worried about Jackson in a "dangerous" situation.

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  • Seriously, folks are feeling some kind of way about the 1-year-old sitting "by his lonesome."

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  • But not everyone is upset and feel like they can at least give Tori and Zach the benefit of the doubt.

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    You know, that Zach and Tori wouldn't put Jackson in danger.

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  • Something tells us Jackson was just fine.

    A post shared by Tori Roloff (@toriroloff) on

    Seriously, people, Tori and Zach got it.