21 Celebrity Baby Shower Themes That Are So Good, They're Worth Stealing

21 Celebrity Baby Shower Themes That Are So Good, They're Worth Stealing

Joanna Gaines baby shower

Celebrity baby showers are like regular moms' baby showers, except way, way, fancier. But are they really? Sure, famous people have the money, the connections, and the creative chops to throw themselves (or their friends) extravagant celebrations -- not to mention the social media following to make said showers go viral. But it's easier than one might expect to throw an on-point, on-theme, Instagram-worthy baby shower before an expectant mom's little one makes his or her debut. All that's needed is a general color scheme, some decorations, a few snacks, some mocktails ... and hey, a photo booth for taking bump pics (it never hurts, right?).

There is plenty of baby shower inspiration to be had from celebrity mamas. Whether it's a sports theme for a little guy, an over-the-top princess soiree for a daughter, or even a low-key pajama party -- which two members of the Kardashian clan executed flawlessly, by the way -- there are tons of ideas to consider for a baby shower. Even a baby's due date can lend itself to a fun theme as a number of celeb moms have proven over the years. (We're looking at you, Blake Lively.)

Here's a look at some clever and totally achievable baby shower themes celebrity moms -- like Chrissy Teigen, Joanna Gaines, and even Cardi B, to name a few -- opted for when they were expecting, plus a few details about what made them so perfect.

Who knows, the design light bulb might go off that just might inspire a mom-to-be or two to give one of these ideas a try.

(It can't hurt, right?)

  • McDonald's-Themed Baby Shower


    Did somebody say McDonald's?

    Why yes, an expectant mom can have her fancy flowers and her McDonald's, too! Kim Kardashian threw Chrissy Teigen a baby shower in honor of her daughter Luna back in 2016, complete with Big Macs and all the fast food this mom-to-be craved.

  • McDonald's-Themed Baby Shower


    Guests dined on a Mickey D's buffet at Chrissy Teigen's baby shower held at bestie Kim Kardashian's Bel Air mansion. (Yes, beloved edibles from McDonald's breakfast menu were also present and accounted for.)

    Honestly, is there anything more quintessential to pregnancy than greasy fast food?

  • Pajama-Themed Baby Shower


    Kim Kardashian might be known for being high-end, but that doesn't mean she won't unwind sometimes. To celebrate the upcoming arrival of Saint West, Kim had a star-studded pajama baby shower that would make anyone want to enjoy a little rest and relaxation.

  • Pajama-Themed Baby Shower


    Kim's baby shower guests noshed on Girl Scout cookies, sipped hot chocolate, and enjoyed the (indoor) glamping life inspired by the 1989 classic, Troop Beverly Hills.

  • Pajama-Themed Baby Shower


    Like sister, like sister? Years after Kim Kardashian's pajama-themed baby shower, Kylie Jenner kept up the pajama-themed baby shower tradition with one of her own to celebrate little Stormi. It's definitely cozy -- and cute!

  • Pajama-Themed Baby Shower


    Kylie and her guests celebrated baby girl Stormi's arrival with a pink flower wall for photo ops, a onesie-making table, and silky PJ sets for each guest.

  • Book-Themed Baby Shower


    Fixer Upper star Joanna Gaines's "baby's got books" celebration for her and Chip's fifth child, baby boy Crew Gaines, was as picturesque as the homes they flip.

    (PS: How ah-dorable is that setup of books and balloons?!)

  • Book-Themed Baby Shower


    As one would expect, invitees brought books for Joanna Gaines's little guy's very stocked -- and catalog-worthy, we're sure -- bookshelf. This is such a great idea to build up a library of fun reads.

  • Book-Themed Baby Shower


    Former Glee star Naya Rivera also had a book-themed soiree for her and now ex-husband Ryan Dorsey's son, Josie. The best part of the decor? The sheet cake designed in honor of the children's classic story, I Love You Forever.

    Now that's sweet!

  • Autumn-Themed Baby Shower


    Blake Lively once shared a series of photos from her autumnal-themed baby shower that are just perfect for Pinterest, TBH.

  • Autumn-Themed Baby Shower


    The plaid, the pumpkin cake, the red and orange decor. We're basically planning to have our next baby in the fall just so we can copy all of these gorgeous moments from Blake's baby shower.

  • "Heaven Sent" Baby Shower


    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt celebrated their bundle of joy on the way with a "heaven sent" baby shower that was dreamy and full of so much love in more ways than one.

  • "Heaven Sent" Baby Shower


    Heidi's dreamy "heaven sent" baby shower was full of soft blue hues and a ton of sweet edibles. Her event stylist created a simple but elegant statement with onesie cookies, macaroons, and a cake that definitely turned heads.

  • "Heaven Sent" Baby Shower


    One way to create a graceful home event is to add touches of whimsy -- like this calligraphy menu for a self-serve station.

  • "Heaven Sent" Baby Shower


    Heidi Montag's "heaven sent"-themed baby shower focused on a simple color palette (blue and white) that translated throughout the whole event in an effortless way. Floral centerpieces and linens (think tablecloths and napkins) are great ways to pull out colors.

  • Fairy Tale-Themed Baby Shower


    Cardi B's baby shower for her daughter Kulture was a Bronx-inspired fairy tale that paid homage to the Love & Hip Hop New York alum's Big Apple roots. There was a "Bardi Baby Bodega" stocked with diapers and bottles (cute!), and a "Bardi Baby Book Library" that featured classic reads for the rapper's little one. The wicker chairs adorned with pink and white floral arrangements added an extra touch to Cardi and husband Offset's special day, making it truly unforgettable.

  • Safari-Themed Baby Shower


    Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel paid homage to her South African roots with a safari-themed shower to celebrate her first son, Anaca.

    (PS: How cute are those oversized stuffed animals?)

  • Safari-Themed Baby Shower


    In addition to the plush animals at Candice Swanepoel's shower, the then expectant model also continued the safari theme with a green, blue, and orange color theme throughout the event.

  • "Breakfast at Tiffany's"-Themed Baby Shower

    In 2014, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick welcomed their third child, a son named Reign. But before he made his grand debut, the mom-to-be celebrated him with a Breakfast at Tiffany's-themed shower.
  • "Breakfast at Tiffany's"-Themed Baby Shower


    In true Kardashian fashion, the themed decor for Kourtney's Breakfast at Tiffany's baby shower was spot-on -- with robin's egg blue place settings, and mini tiaras placed in Tiffany's gift boxes for each guest.

    (PS: The Audrey Hepburn classic is Kourt's favorite film!)

  • "Breakfast at Tiffany's"-Themed Baby Shower


    Kourtney Kardashian gets an A-plus for her Breakfast at Tiffany's baby shower, complete with croissants and diamond-inspired table decor to glam up the place.

  • Sports-Themed Baby Shower


    Given Jessie James Decker's hubby Eric Decker is an NFL wide receiver, it's really no surprise they had a sports-themed baby shower in 2015 for their son, Eric Decker II. The then mom-to-be showed off her shower design on Instagram, complete with "referee" chairs, sports pillows, a fun football cake topper, and some oversized pastel flowers -- because why not?

  • Sports-Themed Baby Shower


    There were even some fun finger foods at Jessie's sports-inspired shower that put a fancy spin on gameday bites.

  • Bohemian-Themed Baby Shower


    Tia Mowry opted to go "boho" for her baby shower in honor of her and husband Cory Hardrict's daughter. Famed decorator Mindy Weiss brought the event to life with stylish and natural elements to celebrate the future arrival of their daughter Cairo.

  • Bohemian-Themed Baby Shower


    Tia Mowry's bohemian-themed baby shower included wooden accessories, twinkly lights, and pink candles that really pulled everything together.

  • Luau-Themed Baby Shower


    Back in 2016, Tess Holliday went all out for her baby shower-slash-housewarming-luau in honor of her baby on the way. Aloha!

  • Luau-Themed Baby Shower


    Cupcakes spelled out "Aloha baby" at Tess Holliday's baby shower. The mama-to-be wore a pineapple in her hair and kept the theme going with a tropical manicure. The whole thing was gender-neutral, as Tess and her fiance didn't know they were having a boy until Rylee was born.

  • Pink-Themed Baby Shower


    A post shared by JEFF LEATHAM (@jeffleatham) on

    Khloe Kardashian hands down wins the award for best pink baby shower inspiration. Wow, oh wow was her gathering -- complete with "over 45,000" flowers -- over-the-top in the most elegant of ways. It was truly a work of art that looked more like a Hollywood event than a get-together for a baby -- and we'd expect nothing less.

  • Blue-Themed Baby Shower


    If pink-themed baby showers are a thing, it's only natural to have a few blue-inspired events -- and that's exactly what Peta Murgatroyd did. The Dancing With the Stars pro and her co-star-slash-hubby, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, celebrated the pending arrival of their son Shai with a blue-themed baby shower, complete with balloon arrangements, decor, and edibles in honor of the primary color.

  • Denim-Themed Baby Shower


    The former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky had a "sprinkle" for her denim baby shower to celebrate her and husband Kevin Manno's second child, son Riley. Cutout denim pockets held the flatware at all the tables, while blue and white florals adorned the room. And let's not forget the photo booth, where woven strips of denim fabric served as the backdrop.

    So cute!

  • Retro-Themed Baby Shower


    Talk about throwing it back in the cutest of ways! Serena Williams's squad hosted a '50s-inspired baby shower for the tennis pro that did not disappoint. How can anyone go wrong with swing dresses?

  • Retro-Themed Baby Shower


    Guests at Serena Williams's baby shower enjoyed their time at "Baby O's diner" to commemorate Serena and hubby Alexis Ohanian's daughter, Alexis Ohanian Jr. Everything from the checkered flooring to the classic jukebox made her retro shindig even more enjoyable.

  • "Diaper Keg" Baby Shower


    Chelsea DeBoer of Teen Mom 2 had a rustic "diaper keg"-themed gathering while pregnant with her and Cole DeBoer's son, Watson. And yes, it was as lively and colorful as it sounds.

  • "Diaper Keg" Baby Shower


    Partygoers brought diapers instead of gifts to Chelsea DeBoer's baby shower and drank beer out of baby bottles.

    ... well, except for the mama-to-be, of course.

  • Tea Party-Themed Baby Shower


    Jessica Alba was all smiles at her tea party-inspired shower back in December 2017 to honor her third child, son Hayes. Her soiree was full of fanciful accents, tasty bites, and, of course, tea! Both the mom-to-be and her guests dressed up in outfits fit for a tea party that looked like a good time.

  • African-Themed Baby Shower


    Beyonce did not disappoint with her African-themed baby shower in May 2017 to celebrate the future arrival of twins Rumi and Sir. Coined "The Carter Push Party," the star-studded event had a casual vibe but lots of swag -- and style!

  • African-Themed Baby Shower


    A post shared by Tina Knowles (@mstinalawson) on

    One way to mimic Beyonce's baby shower is by stocking up on African-inspired textiles -- to wear and decorate. Queen Bey's special event featured rich cloths on the walls and floors that mixed and matched prints. There were also buffet-style stations, likely with inspired foods to reflect the theme.

  • All-White Baby Shower


    Who says all-white parties are only for the Hamptons? Ciara, her hubby Russell Wilson, and her now 4-year-old kiddo, son Future, Jr., were all visions in white during her all-white baby shower in 2017 to celebrate the future arrival of her daughter with the NFL quarterback, Sienna Princess.

  • All-White Baby Shower


    As expected, CiCi and her gal pals kept the all-white theme going with their attire. It also didn't hurt that all the decor followed suit, making it a gorgeous -- and somewhat nerve-wracking (just thinking about potential stains) -- event.

  • Black-and-White Baby Shower

    Coco Austin baby shower
    Rob Kim/Getty Images for WE tv

    Though her attire didn't reflect the theme, Coco Austin had a ball at her black-and-white baby shower in 2015 that was styled by none other than celebrity event planner David Tutera. Let's see, there was a black-and-white cake, black-and-white flooring, black-and-white photo props, and black-and-white linens (with hints of red throughout the room).

    Mission accomplished.

  • "Gay-By" Baby Shower


    In 2013, Fergie's gay best friends celebrated the pending arrival of her son Axl with a "gayby" shower. Unconventional in name, but tons of fun in execution, this baby shower featured burlesque dancers dressed in drag, margaritas, tons of celebrity guests, and a photo booth with fun props -- making this one g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s (and f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s) shindig.

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