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  • Cardi recently took to Instagram to celebrate her 10 MTV Video Music Award nominations, but stayed off camera because of her looks.

    Kulture Kiari Cephus, who was born on July 10, is Cardi's first child with Migos rapper-slash-hubby Offset.

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  • "It's your girl Cardi B. I wish I could show my face right now, but a bitch looks f--ked up in the game," she mentions in the video.

    The first-time celeb mom continues:

    "My hair's f--ked up. My eyes are so dark and puffy. Like, I'm wild pale. A b-tch look like she got jaundice ....I've been so busy and so tired in a different world, a different dimension."

  • This new mom's confession seemingly struck a nerve with fellow members of the motherhood gang.

    It's quite the relatable mom confession.

  • Fellow mommies are encouraging Cardi to keep her head up as being a new mom can be "rough."

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  • Say that again.

  • And are welcoming her to the club of looking crazy AF as a mom with open arms.

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    These comments, LOL.

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  • This isn't the first time Cardi opened up about how motherhood has affected her looks.

    "You see what my child is doing to me?" Cardi B inquired to fans in an Instagram video months before she gave birth.

    "Do you see my motherf--ker hair? This sh-t is growing. You see my skin? Like a b--ch look like I put moisturizer on, but I just woke up. My t--ties are getting bigger. Got a whole new pair of t--ties .... Sometimes I lose my breath, and the mood swings be crazy, but my child do me good."

  • Just hang in there, girl.


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