Chrissy Teigen's Hilarious Video Sums Up Every Breastfeeding Mom's Worst Nightmare

Chrissy Teigen

Any breastfeeding mom will tell you how sacred breast milk is (it's not called "liquid gold" for nothing!), which is why losing the smallest amount is enough to make any nursing mama shed tears for days. Video of Chrissy Teigen trying to save spilled breast milk is relatable on a spiritual level ... and a breastfeeding mother's worst nightmare.

  • The mom of two shared her desperate attempt to salvage her spilled breast milk on Instagram Stories.

    Chrissy Teigen and her hubby John Legend welcomed their newest addition, son Miles, two months ago. Their baby boy joins their 2-year-old daughter, Luna.

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  • And it pretty much sums up how far a mom is willing to go to keep any and all ounces of her liquid gold.

    Truest story ever told.

  • "I spilled my breast milk!" a panic-stricken Chrissy mentions in her video. "This is how important it is in this house."

    This breastfeeding-related moment literally brings tears, because we know how stressful spilling breast milk is!

  • "We're trying! I got some," she adds, collecting her expressed milk with a syringe as a pal tries to scoop up the rest with a mini shovel.


  • The struggle is truly real.

    May the force be with you, Chrissy.

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