Pregnant Hilary Duff's 'Spa' Post Has Fans Concerned About Her Unborn Baby

Hilary Duff

When you're expecting, there's a long list of recommendations and pregnancy guidelines thrown your way -- including from strangers who would like to add in their two cents. Hilary Duff's spa post is sparking concern among a number of her followers who appear worried about the safety of her unborn child.

  • Hilary looked like she was living her absolute best life with a gal pal during a recent trip to the spa.

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    "Had the dreamiest of nights with this babe @tomoko_spa + @moflo1 wooooow weeeee #couplesmassage lol #tomokospa," Hilary Duff wrote in her Instagram post.

    While it might be hard to see with the robe, Hilary is expecting her second child with her beau Matthew Koma (it will be his first). Baby girl will join Duff's 6-year-old son Luca from a previous marriage.
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  • Lots of people love seeing the celeb mom catching up on some much needed R&R.

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    Um, can we go, too?!

  • Others, however, can't help but point out a couple things they think are problematic.

  • For starters, some of Hilary's followers question why she's eating sushi while expecting.

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  • And think it's pretty risky.

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  • And then there's that whole sake thing as it contains alcohol.

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  • While Hilary hasn't responded to her fans' concerns, maybe it's safe to give her the benefit of the doubt?

    The American Pregnancy Association shared a list of sushi to avoid while pregnant, as well as fishy edibles that have lower mercury levels and are deemed safer. (It is worth a note the organization suggests eating cooked sushi.) Studies have also found that "light drinking" while pregnant isn't super harmful, though you should speak to your doctor.

    For all we know, Hilary hit up her OB/GYN prior to her trip to the spa and got the green light to enjoy certain items.

    (We have a feeling it's okay to keep calm and carry on with this one.)

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