Pic of The Rock Feeding His Girlfriend While She Breastfeeds Gets Major Backlash

Robert Galbraith/REUTERS

The Rock and girlfriend Lauren Hashian
Robert Galbraith/REUTERS

Talk about backfiring! The Rock's photo of him feeding his girlfriend while she breastfed their baby girl is all sorts of adorable and goals ... but is sparking the craziest backlash for the most unexpected reasons.

  • The Rock's photo of him spoon-feeding his longtime partner, Lauren Hashian, while she nurses their 1-month-old daughter Tiana is everything.

    "I’ll handle this business," the 46-year-old Hollywood dad of three writes in his Instagram post. "Mama @laurenhashianofficial has her hands full nursing/feeding Baby Tia, so I'm feedin' mama her dinner. My pleasure. So much respect to her and all mamas out there holding it down and running things. Just landed and good to get all my girl's settled in. Now, I gotta go satisfy my own appetite ... Iron Paradise, here I come."

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  • It's so perfect and should be a standard practice.

    Seriously, guys, can you help a mother out? (LOL.)

  • But actually has people in their feels ... and not for good reasons.

    Say what now?

  • Folks actually think The Rock shared the photo for the sake of getting attention and praise for doing something nice.

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    These comments are really going there.

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  • And feel a real "gentleman" would marry his children's mother.

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    In addition to 1-month-old Tiana, The Rock and Lauren have a 2-year-old daughter named Jasmine. The action star also has a 16-year-old daughter named Simone from a previous marriage.

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  • Take a chill pill, everyone!

    Seriously, live your life and let these two -- who are obviously happily in love -- run things how they see fit. All of this madness is unnecessary.

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