Tori Roloff Opens Up About Jackson's Injury & the Pain He Had to Endure

Tori Roloff

There's nothing on this planet that will break a mother's heart quite like seeing her child in pain. (Agonizing doesn't begin to describe it.) Tori Roloff revealing Jackson's injury is an update no Little People, Big World fan expected, but leaves many (virtually) coming to her side -- with tons sending the new 1-year-old nothing but well wishes.

  • Tori recently took to the 'Gram to share the aftermath of Jackson injuring himself.

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  • "Nothing slows this kid down ..." she writes in her post.

    Tori Roloff continues on Instagram:

    "... The past 24 hours have been pretty stressful but this kid has shown us time and time again just how much of a trooper he truly is. He hurt his arm yesterday afternoon playing and trying to walk like one year olds do. We thought maybe something called 'nursemaids elbow' but after two times of a doctor trying to reduce it to no avail (which by the way is absolutely the worst thing to see your child in that much pain) it could possibly be a fracture but still not sure. So this poor thing is stuck in a splint until we can know for sure. He has not let it slow him down though and is back to his happy smiley self-thank goodness!

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for baby j! Little man is on the mend and will be back to conquering the world soon! #babyjroloff #zandtpartyofthree."

  • This post is beyond heartbreaking.

  • And has Roloff fans offering prayers and hopes Jackson makes a speedy recovery.

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  • Others gave the reality star mom words of encouragement during such a difficult time.

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    Sadly, Tori's mom confession is too relatable. So many parents have been here.

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  • Get better, Jackson.

    Hopefully doctors can figure out what's going on soon.