Katherine Heigl Confessing Her Family's Gifts Can Be a 'Disappointment' Sparks Outrage

Katherine Heigl with kids

Moms are often gifted everything from dirty rocks from the front yard to questionable art we proudly hang on the refrigerator. We deal with randomness, and happily welcome presents our loved ones give with open arms ... but it doesn't mean we always love them. Katherine Heigl admitting she might get disappointed with her family's gifts if they're not what she wanted is about as honest as it gets, and it has some folks calling the celeb mom "selfish" and "high-maintenance."

  • Katherine recently shared pics of her "perfect" Mother's Day that likely was a result of her telling her family exactly what she wanted.

    Katherine Heigl and her hubby Josh Kelley are proud parents to three children: daughters Nancy, 9, and Adalaide, 6, and son Joshua, 1.

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  • "... I told @joshbkelley and the kids exactly what I wanted and what I was expecting," the celeb mom admitted.

    "That may seem a little ... unromantic but it saves my kids and husband the stress of trying to read my mind, it saves me any disappointment that my mind was not properly read and it ensures my day is exactly what I hoped for!" the actress added in her Instagram post. She continued:

    "#thoseheavenlydays is a perfectly spent Mother’'s Day that started with cards, flowers and candy. Next a delicious brunch, then a little walk and picture taking among the apple blossoms with two incredibly photogenic daughters and one cranky son. Next came gelato which was enjoyed at @louboutinworld while I picked out my gift from @joshbkelley. I chose the most gorgeous pair of pink sparkly Cinderella heels! Heavenly, heavenly, heavenly!"

  • Welp, some of Katherine's followers thought her pics and confession were great.

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    Katherine scored cool points among moms in the past for talking about her difficult C-section, and her willingness to go there about her post-baby body transformation that took blood, sweat, and tears.

  • Others, however, aren't impressed and feel she's being a "greedy mother" for putting too much value into the gifts she receives.

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  • Some say she's "high maintenance."

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  • ... and "selfish."

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  • But not everyone is offended by Katherine's honesty, as some folks think it's quite refreshing.

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    Looks like this celebrity mom confession is quite relatable.

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  • After all, don't moms deserve not to be "disappointed"?

    Looks like the jury is still out, so you'll have to be your own judge.

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