Chrissy Teigen Accused of 'Trapping' John Legend After Announcing Birth of Baby #2

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend
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Most of us know Chrissy Teigen is a pretty "controversial" person. Whether she's posting nude bathtub pics with her 2-year-old daughter Luna, or daring to share an ultrasound photo, someone somewhere is guaranteed to have an issue with the model. Chrissy Teigen revealed she gave birth to her second child with her musician hubby John Legend. And instead of the warm congratulations many new moms typically get, a number of folks across the interwebs are firing shots for the most insane reason.

  • Chrissy took to Twitter to let the world know her newest bundle of joy arrived.

    "Somebody's herrrrrrre!" Chrissy Teigen wrote as her birth announcement. Chrissy and John, who are also proud parents to their 2-year-old daughter Luna, revealed in January they were expecting a baby boy -- who's likely all sorts of cute.

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  • A number of kindhearted invidivuals did what most people do after someone gives birth: say congratulations.

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    Yay for warm reactions and nice words.

  • Others advised Chrissy to "sew it up" since she has a girl and a boy now.

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  • What's interesting, however, are the folks who carved time out of their day to call this celeb mom an "evil person."

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    Good grief.

  • And some of them even accused the Lip Sync Battle host of popping out John's kids to hold onto him and his money.

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  • Um ... come again?

  • Seriously, people legit feel Chrissy is trying to "ride on her husband's success," which is all sorts of effed up.

  • Chrissy is a model with a steady job and a host of business ventures. Do better.

    Hello, this is a birth announcement. Can we at least pretend to be civilized and decent human beings?

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