Audrey Roloff Called 'Inappropriate' for Posting Completely Nude Pics of Ember

Audrey Roloff and daughter Ember Roloff

It doesn't seem like a certain Little People, Big World star can catch a break as of late. First, Audrey Roloff angered fans after saying baby formula "is like a sin." And now, it seems like her choice of photos to share online has folks back in their feelings. Audrey Roloff's nude pics of baby Ember are turning lots of heads. Some people think they're cute, while others are questioning why Audrey would put such images on the Internet for all to see.

  • Audrey took a moment to share some mommy-daughter images with her little girl on Instagram, along with an important message to moms.

    "This was an evening of undistracted playfulness with our little girl. Splashing in the ocean and digging in the sand," Audrey Roloff confesses in her Instagram post. "I think it was C.S. Lewis that said, 'Children aren’t a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.' I’ll admit it. I’m a heroic multitasker. And although this might be a skill worthy of praise in our culture, it’s a tendency I’m trying to fight against."

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  • "I want to be more present, more tuned-in, and more alive in each moment, task, or encounter," the new mom writes on Instagram.

    She continues:

    "Especially when it comes to motherhood. I don’t want to model busyness, I want my life to reflect discipline, priorities, and healthy rhythms of rest. I want my daughter to know by my actions that raising her is a privilege and a blessing, not a burden. Moms how do you fight against the temptation to multitask?!"

  • Many Roloff fans are cheering Audrey on, thanking her for such a heartwarming and important message.

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    It is pretty good.

  • But not everyone is jumping on the "this is so awesome" bandwagon as the sight of Ember completely in the nude angered more than one person.

  • Folks want to know why the tot is naked.

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  • And why Audrey wanted to post such intimate snaps of her baby like this for all to see.

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  • Others are flat-out calling it "inappropriate" and don't feel it's mom-shaming to call her out.

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    Careful, Audrey Roloff can clap back -- and has in the past.

  • Regardless of what anyone thinks, at the end of the day, it's up to Audrey to do what she thinks is right.

    Naked baby bums on the Internet are nothing new. Some people are comfortable sharing such images with the world, and others aren't. You have to do what you think is okay for your child.