Audrey Roloff Says Baby Formula Is 'Like a Sin' & Fans Let Her Have It

Audrey Roloff
Audrey Roloff

In case you missed it, this week's episode of Little People, Big World treated fans to an up close and personal look at the birth of the Roloff family's newest member -- and now 8-month-old -- Ms. Ember Jean Roloff. The May 1 episode documented the days leading up to Audrey's due date, as well as the new mom and hubby Jeremy's first two weeks as new parents. Sounds fairly innocent, right? Not so much. Audrey Roloff calling baby formula a "sin" didn't sit well with fans at all. And my, is the new mom paying for it.

  • Ember was having a hard time gaining weight when she was a newborn, because she wasn't nursing enough.

    "We just don't have feeding figured out yet. It just didn't come easy for me, my body, for her," Audrey revealed on the show about her breastfeeding difficulties, In Touch Weekly reports.

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  • As a result, Ember's pediatrician recommended Audrey start supplementing her breast milk with formula ... and that didn't go over well with Mom.

    Audrey Roloff has spoken out about breastfeeding in the past -- opening up about the difficulties of nursing a child, the pain of mastitis, and other tearful mom confessions.

  • "I was very adamant about breastfeeding exclusively. Formula is like a sin," the new mom confessed on Little People, Big World.

    "I never thought I would do that, but at the same time, I need to feed my baby, so we have to do it," she continued.


  • Obviously, Twitter blew up with backlash from moms reacting to Audrey's anti-formula attitude with shock, frustration, and downright disgust. 

  • One mom pointed out that neither formula nor breastfeeding is the ultimate way to go, because "fed is best."  

  • Another said her own kids had been formula-fed and turned out just fine!

  • It's hard to say if these comments will resonate with the new mom. 

    Every mother has her own concerns about the way she's feeding her LO. There are also so many emotions attached to the decision -- or decision that's made for you when you're told you have to stop breastfeeding, for whatever reason -- that it's no wonder a comment like Audrey's laid the foundation for a full-on firestorm. 

    Here's the thing: The reality star is in a unique position in that her thoughts on the matter are being broadcast to a fairly large audience, so it's a bit disheartening from that standpoint. Yet, seeing her struggle with the idea of formula-feeding is surely relatable to many women. That said, going forward, it would be heartening to see her be a bit more thoughtful about her language and the way she talks about this subject, which is clearly a sensitive one, not just for her, but for many new moms.