Kate Hudson Shows Off Baby Bump 'Beach Bod' in New Bikini Pic

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Kate Hudson
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Can we ever let expectant moms live?! Kate Hudson's baby-bump bikini pic was supposed to be a hat tip to fun in the sun, but it's receiving the craziest criticism, with people still taking jabs at the celeb mom's family.

  • Kate recently shared this bikini selfie on Instagram that shows off her growing baby bump.

    "A different kind of beach bod brewing," the sexy celeb selfie-taking mama writes in her Instagram post

    Kate Hudson revealed she's expecting her third child -- a baby girl with beau Danny Fujikawa -- on April 6 with an adorable Instagram video. Kate also has two other children, sons Ryder, 14, and Bingham, 6, from previous relationships.

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  • For the most part, the interwebs seem pretty excited for Kate.

  • And think she's a hot mom-to-be.

    This impromptu celebrity maternity shoot is fire.

  • Others, however, decided to poke fun at Kate's baby bump, because that's obviously a nice thing to do.

  • Ha ... ha.

  • But wait, there's more! Folks are accusing Kate Hudson of being "thirsty" for attention.

    Or, maybe she just felt happy in her bikini and wanted to share it with fans.


  • And some people just had to get in digs about her having three "baby daddies."

    Sadly this isn't the first time, as critics called Kate Hudson a "tramp" for having children with two other men (her ex-husband Chris Robinson and her ex-fiancé Matt Bellamy).

  • And? There's a lane, go stay in it.

  • This right here is why we can't have nice things.

    Yes, Kate was in prior relationships and had children ... but let's not act like her current pregnancy is one of the biggest celebrity scandals of all time -- or something that inspires someone to point out her children have different fathers 24/7. So long as Kate Hudson's kids are happy, healthy, and loved, focus on your own family. (Sheesh.)

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