Behati Prinsloo Pumps & Dumps at Coachella & People Are Pissed

Behati Prinsloo

Everyone has their take on the things moms can do, can't do, should do, or shouldn't do just months after welcoming a baby. And when it comes to celebrities, these opinions are shouted even louder from the rooftops -- or from, well, Instagram or Twitter posts. For the latest example of this, look no further than the mom-shaming being faced by Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo, who hit up Coachella this weekend. 

  • It all started when Behati took to Instagram to share this cute snap of herself with the caption, "#pumpandump."

    The model, who shares newborn Gio Grace and 19-month-old Dusty Rose with her Maroon 5 frontman husband Adam Levine, also wrote on her Instagram story, “More like cowchella lol, Jamiroquai was sooooo worth the pump and dump.”

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  • The post was quickly flooded with tongue-clucking about Behati "wasting" her breast milk and being a poor role model for "leaving" her baby.

  • Suddenly, it seemed like tons of Instagram commenters believed they're Behati's pediatrician -- or, at the very least, experts on all the facts about breast milk

  • Others jumped in to make the PSA that you don't necessarily have to pump and dump after alcohol consumption.

    They have a point. La Leche League notes that you can pump and dump for comfort, but you could also just wait two to three hours for alcohol to be metabolized. 

  • That said, other commenters pointed out that drinking isn't the only reason a mom would pump and dump.

  • Still other commenters acknowledged that breastfeeding is tough, showing support for Behati doing what she needs to do for herself and her LO.

  • Cheers to that. The way Behati -- or any mom for that matter -- wants to handle feeding her baby is up to her.

    While sacrifices often need to be made, no mom should feel as though she has to put the brakes on her life in order to care for her child. Whether she's breastfeeding on the go or pumping, because she's away from her little one and enjoying time with her partner or friends, it's up to new moms to decide what's right for them, their child, and both of their well-being.   

    Here's hoping the mom of two had an amazing time at Coachella -- and has nothing but shrugs for the haters.

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