Carrie Underwood Shares Details About Her Accident & Now People Are Even More Skeptical

Carrie Underwood rehearsal ACM Awards

When it comes to gasp-worthy, headline-making celebrity accidents, we may very well count Carrie Underwood's among the most mysterious. Back in November, Carrie reportedly suffered a fall down some steps in front of her home on her way out to walk her dogs, and the tumble left her requiring over 40 stitches on her face. But now that the country singer is back in the spotlight, the details of the event are creating buzz -- and bringing out the trolls. 

  • Earlier this month, Carrie shared this black-and-white shot on social media, which offered the public the first glimpse of her face since the fall.

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  • At that point, skeptics were already questioning whether the singer truly endured the reported turn of events.


  • Well, yesterday, Thursday, April 19, Carrie was on SiriusXM, chatting with host Storme Warren about the incident.

    The "Cry Pretty" singer shared, "I just fell down. I was just taking the dogs out to go do their thing before bed and I just got clumsy and I just tripped. I held onto the dog leashes in my left hand and went to catch myself with my right and just missed a step. There was one lone step. I said if I had fallen anywhere else I would have been absolutely fine, but it was one step that messed everything up."

    She elaborated that she initially just thought she "busted" her lip, but then she realized it was more than that. 

    "I went to go survey the damage and I was like 'Oh nooo,'" Carrie said. "It wasn't pretty. I had a little chipped tooth, but it was just my skin -- thank the good lord." 

  • Although the damage to her face and mouth was troubling, Carrie shared that injuring her wrist may have been even more unnerving.

    "I can't use my appendage, and I try to pick my kid up and make food and do mom stuff," Carrie explained. Ugh. To hear that she's struggling to do everyday things moms do is truly heart-wrenching.

    Thankfully, that injury is on the mend as well, as she noted, "I have a metal plate in my wrist, but it's good now."  

  • While it sounds as though Carrie has just been through a truly heartbreaking experience, some commenters online couldn't help but question her story.

  • Still, others jumped to the mom-of-one's defense, explaining to the skeptics that stitches dissolve, scars heal, makeup exists ...

  • Not to mention the fact that if anyone is going to find the top plastic surgeon in the biz, it's an A-lister like Carrie. The woman obviously saw a doctor who did work that's so top-notch, you'll never find her listed in one of those "celebrities then and now plastic surgery" roundups, because as one commenter pointed out, she looks as lovely -- and like herself -- as ever.

  • It's a shame that after going through such a traumatic experience, Carrie has to deal with accusations of a publicity stunt.

    But she's been in the public eye long enough to know that haters are gonna hate. And no doubt that having to endure all of it has only made her stronger.