Olivia Wilde Says Her Son 'Thinks of Himself as Moana' & Gets Slammed for Gender-Neutral Parenting

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Olivia Wilde and son Otis
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From talking politics to being open about her experience breastfeeding, actress Olivia Wilde is one of the most outspoken, progressive moms in Hollywood. So, it's no wonder that she recently chatted with People for its Beautiful Issue about the forward-thinking way she's teaching her kids about gender roles.  

  • Son Otis may be just 4 and daughter Daisy 18 months, but Olivia is well aware of the messages they will eventually get about gender stereotypes.

    Olivia shares her two children with her partner, comedian Jason Sudeikis.

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  • She explained that her son is all about Moana.

    Olivia Wilde Jason Sudeikis and kids
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    "[Otis] loves Moana, obviously, and when he thinks of Moana, he thinks of himself as Moana," Wilde said. "I love hearing him sing … it's the best when you can watch them singing in the backseat of your car, and he's just like, 'I wish I could be the perfect daughter!' And he's just belting it out."

  • She feels like it's a wonderful experience for her son to have before he sees things as gender-specific.

    Olivia told People that Otis's love of Moana is "so great because at a certain age he's going to be like, 'Well, I can't, that's … ' you know, and he still doesn't judge things like pink, or dance or gymnastics. These aren't things that are gender-specific yet."

  • Olivia plans to encourage her kids to enjoy whatever toys, entertainment, or activities they like without concern for gender specificity.

    Olivia Wilde and Daisy

    "I don't know why at a certain point we tell them that's for boys and that's for girls, but I'm going to do my best to not force that delineation," the actress shared.

  • Of course, critics had to come out of the woodwork to roll their eyes at Olivia's brilliant parenting strategy.

  • Shame these Twitter trolls are so closed-minded, but their backlash only serves to prove Olivia's point.

    Their reaction only goes to show how important it is for celeb moms like Olivia to speak publicly about rejecting gender "norms." The actress is simply supporting her kids growing up as themselves, and that in itself is deserving of applause. 

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