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  • Tori Roloff just opened a can of worms talking about baby #2.

    In her Instagram stories, Tori recently shared a selfie in which she's holding Jackson and one of her friend's babies in her lap. She wrote "Just the two best friends." But then in smaller text, she followed with, "I could totally have a second kid." Oh really now ... I guess we're going there then. 

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  • Her first baby, Jackson, is 11 months now.

    Tori also posted Baby J's adorable 11-month-old shot the other day. It's a bittersweet time for all moms. The imminent closure of her first baby's first year. She writes, "How is it possible that this guy is going to be 1 in one month. I’m dying. What a blessing this kid is."

  • It's just a matter of time before Jackson will be officially 1 year old.

    "How is this happening?" Tori writes over a pic of Jackson's first birthday invitation. Along with the bawling face emoji. Hard to believe, but Jackson will turn 1 in May. We feel you, mama. As much as we all want our babies to grow up and live healthy, fulfilling lives -- it. is. so. darn. hard. to say goodbye to our little babies! 

  • OK, OK, no pressure, Tori and Zach. Absolutely none. BUT ...