RHONJ Jacqueline Laurita's Autistic Son Got Kicked Out of a Library

Jacqueline Laurita and son Nicholas Laurita
Jacqueline Laurita/Facebook

Hell hath no fury like a mama on a mission to protect her child. Jacqueline Laurita alleges a library kicked out her autistic son for being loud, which is causing a pretty big debate, especially since April is Autism Awareness Month. But as if things couldn't get shocking enough, critics are pointing the finger of blame at the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star -- which is pretty effed up to say the least.

  • Jacqueline shared videos of 8-year-old Nicholas enjoying himself at the Franklin Lakes Library before being asked to leave.

    "So ... Nicholas got kicked out of one of his favorite spots (our PUBLIC library) this week," Jacqueline Laurita writes in her Instagram video.

    "I guess non contextual vocals & tapping 2ce on the DVD’s are frowned upon. He had a meltdown as I struggled to get him to leave. Not one person offered or tried to help, or even opened the door for us. They just watched me struggle to get him out ... as asked. My heart hurt so bad for the both of us after I got him out of there. The day before he had such a great experience there. I wish everyone understood #Autism. Time to go back and educate them! Time for inclusion."

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  • "Sitting home right now, thinking about what happened .... and I am NOT ok with this!" the former reality star writes about the encounter.

    "#TimeForChange! #TimeForInclusion #TimeToSpeakUp #TimeForAction. Determined to make a difference! #ChrisAndJacFightBack," she adds in the caption of a second Instagram video.

  • Even Chris Laurita, Jacqueline's husband -- and Caroline and Dina Manzo's brother, for those who watch(ed) RHONJ -- had to chime in.

    "As a father of a special needs child ... this is called a 'bad day' because you're seeing your family hurt ... again. Hurt by someone who is ignorant and needs to be educated," Chris Laurita writes in a Facebook post, detailing the pain this event caused his family.

    He continues:

    ".... Wake up and acknowledge that you made a mistake and should have handled the situation differently. Apologize and invite @JacLaurita and I to come in and show us your facility and the programs you have in place to accommodate our children who go there to learn and enjoy their time. Allow us to offer suggestions on how the program can be improved and set an example for other libraries all across the country. Turn this negative situation into a positive and be the example for change and acceptance.

    There are people all over the world who are watching you and waiting for you to do what’s right. That’s all we want. A place our kids can go to be accepted and feel safe. The ball is in your court. Let’s show the world we’re compassionate understanding, accepting and open to change for the better good. Maybe we should even schedule a day where all families can come to the library learn about the programs. Have some sponsors come in and help raise awareness and funds to do further research as to why Autism is one of the fastest growing disorders in the country."

  • Jacqueline and Chris have been longtime advocates of autism awareness, which makes a situation like this pretty heartbreaking.

    Life has been a journey for these celebrities with a special needs child. Doctors diagnosed Nicholas with autism after his speech and motor skills started regressing when he was 18 months. They've had major ups and downs, with Chris and Jacqueline championing for not only celebrity charity foundations, but also families who face similar situations with their differently-abled children, and raising awareness to make life easier.

  • But people don't seem to care, because they're blaming Jacqueline for taking her autistic son to a place that's supposed to be quiet.

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    Yes ... these wonderful comments really go there.

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  • ... because "it's not the world's job to cater to everyone with a personal issue."

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    This is pretty sad.

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  • We REALLY need to do better.

    Happy Autism Awareness Month, everyone.

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