20 Pics That Show How Much Kate Gosselin's Kids Have Changed

Kayla Boyd | Apr 14, 2020 Celebrity Moms
20 Pics That Show How Much Kate Gosselin's Kids Have Changed
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kate gosselin and kids
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It's hard to believe that TLC's hit show Jon & Kate Plus 8 premiered 13 years ago! (Yes, we are really that old, LOL.) The first episode aired on April 10, 2007, and it soon became a network favorite -- with millions of people tuning in to see just how the heck Kate Gosselin and her husband Jon managed life with eight children. Although things didn't work out between Jon Gosselin and Kate (to say the least) -- resulting in one of the most contentious celebrity custody battles we've ever seen -- fans still remained invested in the Gosselins, as individuals and of course, with their kids. With a set of twins and a set of sextuplets, this family definitely never has a dull moment.

Eventually, the reality show became Kate Plus 8, and it allowed us to see how Kate Gosselin handled her full house on her own. Of course it's not easy, but Kate was lucky enough to have some really awesome kids. Cara, Mady, Collin, Leah, Hannah, Joel, Alexis, and Aaden have all grown up before our eyes. Although we did get to see them on television, a lot has changed since then and these days, we don't get to see too much of them individually on social media or in interview -- but when we do, it's always totally worth it to find out what they've been up to lately.

The twins are now 19 and the sextuplets are 15, and they've changed so much since we first met them as babies on TV. We are excited to see what they each grow up to do and be. Now that we have seen them in the spotlight for 13 years, we dug up images of them from when they were little to compare them to what they look like now -- and man have they grown! 

  • Madelyn Gosselin (Then)


    Madelyn Gosselin, or Mady, was born on October 8, 2000. She's technically Kate and Jon's second oldest kid and she's a fraternal twin. When she made her first television appearance, she was only 6, so it might be safe to say she doesn't quite remember a time before she was on reality TV. We've loved watching her grow up -- just look at that adorable little face!

  • Madelyn Gosselin (Now)


    Now, Mady is super grown up. She's 19 years old, and she's a full blown adult -- we can't believe how quickly this happened! Here, she's taking a selfie that her mom posted, and we can hardly deal with the fact that this is the same little girl we used to watch on Jon & Kate Plus 8. She looks so grown up, and from what she posts on Instagram, it's clear that she's already coming into her own.

  • She Started College Last Year 

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    a little college move-in throwback:)

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    Although we know it had to be an emotional time for Mady and Kate, last year, she packed her bags and headed to college, living independently from her mom (and her other siblings) for the very first time. She seemed excited to take on the new adventure, though -- like most kids her age -- and it's not surprising that from what we've seen of her on Instagram, she's totally thriving.

  • She's Taking Life Day By Day


    Despite all the big changes that have been happening in Mady's life over the past couple of years (and her not so typical upbringing), she's staying optimistic about the future. At the beginning of 2020, she shared this photo of herself, along with a caption about how much she'd accomplished.

    "2019: you were a bittersweet, stressful, challenging, crazy year. but you were also refreshing, wonderful, unpredictable & full of achievements I'm so proud of," she wrote at the time. "It’s all about balance, I guess."

  • Cara Gosselin (Then)


    Cara Gosselin was also born on October 8, 2000. She's Mady's twin and the oldest sibling in the bunch. She was also only 6 when we first saw her on the show, but since then, she's grown and changed so much -- though we can still totally see this adorable little girl in her when we look at photos of her today! Through it all, it seems like she and Mady have totally had each other's backs.

  • Cara Gosselin (Now)


    Now that the twins are much older, they look even more different -- but then again, they've really come into their own as individuals over the last few years. Cara has lighter hair and different facial features than Mady, and they're both so beautiful. Now 19 years old, she's already finished up her first year of college, and appeared on her mom's latest show last year, Kate Plus Date.

  • Aaden Gosselin (Then)


    Aaden is the third born sextuplet. He and his siblings were born on May 10, 2004, so they were only toddlers when we first met them. He was so cute! We can't get over that adorable little smile and those glasses -- it's no wonder that so many people loved to tune in every week to see what he and his siblings were up to. Those tots were totally irresistible at the time, so what's Aaden up to now?

  • Aaden Gosselin (Now)


    Now, Aaden is in middle school (along with his siblings) and he looks much different! He also happened to be the smallest of the sextuplets when he was born, but even so, he's been thriving, even as a little kid. In a 2013 interview with People magazine, Aaden said he would like to run in the Olympics one day. We wonder if that's still true, because he should totally go for it.

  • Leah Gosselin (Then)

    Leah Gosselin
    Team Gosselin/Splash News

    Leah was the fifth born sextuplet. She's always been known as the "little princess" of the group, and looking at photos like this, it's easy to see why! Like her other brothers and sisters, she was totally adorable -- we can hardly handle those buns on her head or her tiny little sandals! But this photo is from a long time ago, so what is Leah up to today? A lot has changed since then... 

  • Leah Gosselin (Now)


    In this photo of Leah from 2017, she was celebrating getting her braces off. Time really does fly! It's hard to recognize this totally grown up young lady from the little girl we watched at the beginning of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, but it's still her -- and she seems happier than ever here. After all, getting those braces off is a big deal to every kid who's had to endure wearing them.

  • Hannah Gosselin (Then)

    Hannah Gosselin
    Donna Svennevik/Getty Images

    Hannah was the second born sextuplet. Growing up she always acted mature for her age and she liked to help Kate out as much as possible, and as far as we can tell, that part of her personality has never changed. From what we know of her now, she still seems to be the kind, sweet person she's been since she was a kid -- and even though she looks older now, she still looks so much like the little girl she once was.

  • Hannah Gosselin (Now)


    Fast-forward to 2017 and Hannah is president ... well, class president, at least! We definitely see bright things for her future. Not that we're surprised, of course; after watching her grow up on TV, we could definitely see her becoming a leader. Hannah hasn't had an easy upbringing, that's for sure, but through it all, she's kept growing and changing and turning into such an awesome teen.

  • Living With Her Dad


    After a very public, very long custody battle, Hannah now lives with her dad, Jon, full time. It definitely wasn't easy for them to make this arrangement happen, but ever since she moved in with him, she seems to be happy and doing better than ever -- and we won't disagree that Jon seems over the moon to be able to see his daughter every day, although he still remains estranged from many of his other children.

  • Alexis Gosselin (Then)


    Alexis is the first born sextuplet. She's funny, silly, and has always loved to play with her brothers, and hopefully, she never loses those qualities, no matter how old she gets. Here, she's doing the classic nose-pressed-against-glass silly face that so many kids love to do. Even though she had a much different childhood than most kids, she still acted like any other little girl her age.

  • Alexis Gosselin (Now)

    Alexis Gosselin