Pregnant Women Like Tia Mowry-Hardrict Who Show Off Their Bare Baby Bumps AREN'T 'So Full of It'


The Internet never seems to skip a beat or miss an opportunity to shame a mom-to-be's body  ... Tia Mowry-Hardrict's baby bump selfie was meant to be empowering. But instead, it's coming under major fire with people calling the celeb mom everything from a "narcissist" to a "whale" of all things. 

  • Tia has been showing off her second pregnancy and just how damn awesome the female body can be.

    "Whoa! A woman’s body can do amazing things!! #pregnancy #womenempowerment," the 39-year-old writes in her Instagram post. Tia and her hubby Cory Hardrict are expecting a baby girl in a few months. The couple, who've been married since 2008, also have a 6-year-old son named Cree.

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  • For the most part, people have been pretty chill about Tia's baby bump selfies. comment

    Thank God for kind comments.

  • And wish nothing but the best for her family. comment

    My how awesome the world is when we celebrate other moms.

  • Others, however, are so tired of seeing pregnant women post photos of their baby bumps for all to see. comment
  • And feel people, like Tia, look "tacky" for doing it. comment

  • Expectant celebrity mom or not, is it ever too much to not say something so mean?

  • comment
  • ... and "gross." comment
  • ... and "so full of it." comment

    God help us.

  • ... and looks like a "whale." comment
  • Just. Effing. Stop.

    We're drawing the line, because all of this mom-shaming madness is crazy AF.

  • Tia is entitled to live her best life and *doesn't* need to deal with so many negative people who obviously lack proper home-training.

    Be blessed with your day, and do much better.

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