Tori Spelling Posts Totally Normal Selfie Amid Reports Dean McDermott Called Cops on Her AGAIN

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tosi spelling and dean mcdermott kids choice awards
Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

Things are not looking good in the Spelling-McDermott household right now. On Wednesday morning, Tori Spelling's husband, Dean McDermott, reportedly called police to check on her after she left their house for the doctor's office. However, just one day later she returned to social media with a seemingly normal selfie -- and we're a little confused. 
  • Apparently, Dean alerted authorities out of concern after Tori left their house with at least one of their kids.

    tosi spelling and dean mcdermott
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    According to TMZ, three Ventura County Sheriff's units surrounded the hospital while Tori was inside. Dean stood outside the office with their youngest son. 

    It has not been revealed why Dean felt the need to call the cops, but after the police determined that Tori and the kids were okay, everyone was fine to get on with their day. 

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    It was just last week when the cops were called over to Tori's home twice within 24 hours, with one of the instances being due to "female mental illness." No arrests were made then either.

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  • However, soon after the reports began to circulate, Tori posted a completely normal selfie on Instagram, promoting a beauty product.

    Tori captioned her selfie:

    "Happy Thursday! #powerlips #roar"
  • Some people were confused and jokingly asked her to "blink twice" if she needs help.

    tori spelling instagram comment

    The comments on the picture were all over the place. 

  • A few people even accused Tori of doing it all "just for attention."

    tori spelling instagram comment
  • But, most of her fans made supportive comments and wished her well.

    tori spelling instagram comment
  • tori spelling instagram comment
  • We don't know the details about what Tori and her family are going through, but we just hope everyone is okay!

    It is good to see Tori posting again, but it definitely can't be easy taking care of five kids! Hopefully Tori is receiving all the supports she needs. 

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