Jenna Jameson's Breastfeeding Shower Selfie Called a Dangerous 'New Low'

Jenna Jameson

Mamas have been known to multitask like no one's business, but this social media share is sparking controversy. Jenna Jameson's shower breastfeeding pic is turning heads, as some are scratching their heads as to why the former adult entertainer felt the need to post such an intimate pic when her baby is "vomiting every 40 minutes like clockwork."

  • Jenna and her 11-month-old daughter Batel Lu both have the stomach flu, which has made life for this mama of three very hard, to say the least.

    In addition to Batel, Jenna has two boys, 8½-year-old twins Jesse and Journey, from a previous relationship.

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  • "This is motherhood. It's not always shiny and perfect like so many instagrammers make us believe," the 43-year-old writes.

    "There are days you question your strength and abilities," Jameson continues in her Instagram post. "But then there are HARD days like today that prove your uncompromising power. I haven't slept for two days and poor Batelli has been vomiting every 40 min like clockwork. We are in this together. So here's to all of you selfless mamas out there, you make this world go round. #normalizebreastfeeding."

  • Numerous people are calling BS on Jenna's pic, because it looks like she had help taking the photo.

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    This reaction is pretty expected, but did anyone think Jenna just set her phone camera's timer?

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  • Others feel this is a "new low for attention" ...

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  • ... and is a "dangerous" stunt to pull, because slips and falls in the shower are real.

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  • The biggest gripe people have with Jenna is that she admits her baby is throwing up "like clockwork," and isn't taking her to the hospital ...

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  • ... but *does* make time to take and share a selfie.

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  • Is she wrong?

    The jury from the social media court of opinion is still out, but maybe it's okay to give this mama the benefit of the doubt?

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