Kristen Bell Reveals She Got 'Anal Worms' From Her Kids & WTF, Why Did We Become Parents?


anal worms

Parenting is the least glamorous role anyone can take on -- and celebrities are no exception. They may drip in diamonds and fancy red carpet gowns, but the truth is #momlife spares no one. And in case you're still feeling a little alone and like you don't have your sh*t together, take comfort in the fact that actress Kristen Bell once contracted ANAL WORMS from her children. 

  • Yes, really.

    Kristen Bell

    Recently Kristen appeared on Netflix's The Joel McHale Show and casually revealed she had suffered from "anal worms" that her children brought home from school. 

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  • "I did have anal worms two weeks ago -- I swear to God," she confessed.

    anal worms

    "They're called pinworms," she explained. 

    Her and Dax Shepard's daughters' (Lincoln, 4, and Delta, 3) preschool had an outbreak of pinworm infection (which, according to the CDC, is very contagious), and little Delta was soon itchy where the sun doesn't shine. 

  • Sparing no details, Kristen shared that when she went to wipe, sure enough, she found a white, wiggly worm in her poop.

    She also went on to further traumatize, er, I mean, inform us that: 

    "Fifty percent of people over 15 don't experience symptoms, which is the itch. Your kids get them because they put their hands in their mouth and they lay eggs."

  • Is it too late to return our kids?


    But seriously, why does this nightmarish thing even exist?

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  • You can check out the full interview here.

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