15 Times Jessica Simpson Caught Heat for 'Inappropriate' Photos

Maressa Brown | Feb 20, 2018 Celebrity Moms
15 Times Jessica Simpson Caught Heat for 'Inappropriate' Photos
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Whether she was simply singing a top 40 pop song, starring as Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard, or designing A-line dresses and shoes at a reasonable price point, Jessica Simpson can't seem to escape a tongue-lashing from time to time. And of course, since welcoming her two kiddos -- daughter Maxwell Drew, now 5, and son Ace Knute, 4 -- with husband Eric Johnson, the former pop star-turned-fashion entrepreneur has been even more of a target for critical words.  

The proud mom of two loves to take to her social media accounts to share cute photos of her kids and her husband, and of course just the occasional selfie. But just about anything and everything Jess posts -- from shots of her daughter's hair color on Halloween to a sexy behind-the-scenes snap featuring a risqué wardrobe choice and a bit of cleavage -- manages to set off a veritable avalanche of tongue-wagging and shaming. 

Of course, moms everywhere -- whether they're famous former pop stars and fashion designers or not -- face judgment for just about everything they post online these days. It's just par for the course, right? Unfortunately, while some of Jessica's posts may actually be worthy of debate, many catch heat for one reason alone, and that is the fact that they were shared by Jessica Simpson.

Here, 15 times Jessica Simpson was shamed for her "inappropriate" social media posts.   

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