15 Pregnant Celebs Who Looked Amazing in Bikinis

Tess Holliday baby bump solo cup

The time during which moms-to-be are prepping to welcome their little ones in the world is sure to be filled with a whole bevy of emotions. From feeling thrilled to stressed, peaceful and mindful to anxious and downright terrified, it's undoubtedly an intense time. For that precisely that reason, it makes sense that anyone pregnant during the warmer months -- or maybe on vacation, a babymoon-- would want to throw on a bikini in order to hit up the pool or the beach, soak up some sun, and get her R&R on.


Of course, pregnancy means being in a constantly changing, shifting, and growing body, which has a different effect on every mom's self- and body-image. But it's certainly a time to celebrate, and finding a look that has her feeling beyond comfortable in her own skin is most definitely a win.

Being that celebrities are perpetually in front of cameras -- be it their own camera phone or paparazzi lens -- and society is endlessly fascinated with celebs who are expecting little stars of their own, there's no end in sight to shots of famous ladies flaunting their growing bumps while out and about. But perhaps less often, they're photographed (or photographing themselves!) rocking bikinis, looking absolutely blissful as they prep for the arrival of their baby. Gotta love that pure body confidence! 

Here, 15 celeb moms who proudly flaunted their baby bumps in itsy-bitsy two-piece swimwear. 

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