Jenna Jameson Told People Like Her 'Should Not Be Mothers' After Sharing Intimate Post-Baby Body Pic

Jenna Jameson

Would the world's perfect person with no past, no controversial moments, and no missteps kindly stand up? (No, didn't think so.) Jenna Jameson post's about the realities of being a mom -- and the insecurities that often come with it -- has people talking ... and not for supportive or kind reasons. Many can't help but throw jabs at the former adult film star, saying people like her "should not be mothers."

  • Jenna took to the 'Gram to share a vulnerable post about her postpartum body 10 months after welcoming daughter Batel Lu.

    In addition to Batel Lu, Jenna also has 8-year-old twin boys, Jesse and Journey, with ex Tito Ortiz.

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  • "OK ... I was reluctant to post this because I'm so super insecure about my belly," she writes.

     "I think MOST new moms are, except the seemingly unattainable insanely perfect Instagram models that literally look like Victoria's Secret models just days after giving birth. God bless em," the 43-year-old admits in her Instagram post. She continues:

    "Well, I'm 10 months postpartum and not anywhere near where I'd like to be. Granted I haven't worked out once, or even WANTED to. But, this is my new norm, my little beautiful baby that loves me, and every dimple and roll. I know I will get back to my slender self someday, but if I don't ... oh well. I'd like to say that I am seeing things through so many women's eyes now that I'm more involved in my mommy tribe. So many women are made to feel not good enough if they don't 'SnapBack.' Well I'm here to say to all of you, that you're beautiful. You're beautiful because you did something MIRACULOUS ... you gave life. #postpartum *by the way I am wearing a fab wig and Batelli is like ... wth."

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  • Sadly, the reaction to this celeb mom's message hasn't been welcoming.

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    Buckle up, 'cause these comments are vicious. 

  • People are having a ball poking fun at Jenna's porn past, cracking jokes about the size of her vagina ... because that's what grown adults do.

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  • Others feel the spirit in them move to call Jenna a "skankoid for a mom."

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  • "Porn star junkie."

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  • And some other horrible titles no one with good home-training would ever utter.

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    Seriously, this is disgusting.

  • But wait, there's more. Some folks even went as far as to say that someone like Jenna won't be a "good mother."

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  • Seriously, we *really* need to do better as a society.

    No matter what you think about Jenna and her past, it's just awful to hurl such vile things at someone. If you can relate to this mom's post, great. If you can't, move the freak on.


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