Kristen Bell Explaining Childbirth Using a Watermelon & a Hair Tie Is Utter Perfection

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Kristen Bell
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During certain times of your life, it's important to have a friend who will always keep it real. Kristen Bell's new online series tackles common parenting problems and experiences in the most unapologetic way. And, honey, when we say she takes it there while discussing childbirth and using a watermelon as a prop, believe us.

  • The actress's new "Momsplaining with Kristen Bell" series might just be the next best thing for moms everywhere (outside of sleep and the ability to pee without a child bugging you, of course).

    Kristen, who's married to Dax Shepard, has two daughters: Lincoln, 4, and Delta, 3.

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  • During the first episode, aptly titled "#PregnancyRealness," Kristen meets up with a first-time expectant mom.

    "I'm excited and scared and I think you're supposed to help me with that," Rya Meyers tells Kristen.

  • The duo hit up a birthing class that gets rather intimate fast.

    Kristen wastes no time asking the instructor the hard questions -- like "do you have any tips on how to pretend you're asleep so your spouse can get up to feed the baby?" (LOL.)

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  • Kristen also takes Rya to see her ob-gyn to ask an expert all those must-know questions, along with some "OMG, did you just really say that?" commentary from the star.

    "It's gonna look like an autopsy," Bell reveals to the expectant mom when discussing the aftermath of her deliveries.

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  • The ladies meet up with Kristen's "Bad Moms" costar Kathryn Hahn soon after, and things take a turn for the blatantly honest.

    "I feel like the first thing we should definitely get out there is steal everything from the hospital -- the mesh underwear, the pads, those big plastic mugs for your ice chips, the swaddle blankets," notes Bell.

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    "A lot of stuff is happening down there after you give birth for quite some time," adds Hahn. "That's why you need those mesh [underwear] -- you need them. It's something to hold a giant pad ... she says as you're eating your omelette." 

  • But nothing could prepare this mom-to-be for what she was about to see next.

    When Rya asked Kristen what she would've wanted to know prior to having babies, the star camly asked a waiter passing by for a watermelon. "This is your vagina," Bell says while holding up a hair tie. "And this is what happens," she continues, trying to force the hair tie over the watermelon before snapping it. "They can stitch it up."

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    Hahaha. Way to keep it all the way real, girl.

  • As scary and terrifying and WTF as bringing a child into this world can be, in the end, it's all worth it.

    "It's the most beautiful thing on the planet to hold that baby in your arms, and look into its eyes, and know that one day it will grow up to resent you." (LOL!)

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    Friends, you gotta love 'em.

  • Watch episode one of "Momsplaining with Kristen Bell" here:

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