Chip & Joanna Gaines Accused of Having a 5th Baby Just to Save Their Marriage

Joanna and Chip Gaines
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Break out the shiplap, 'cause these two are gonna need it for a nursery! News that Chip and Joanna Gaines are expecting their fifth child is reverberating across the interwebs, leaving decorating enthusiasts and Fixer Upper fans alike in their feels. But of course, there are some party poopers who question why this reality duo wants to "overpopulate" the Earth -- and speculate the future bundle of joy might be a ploy to save Joanna and Chip's reportedly troubled marriage. (Sheesh.)

  • Chip took to social media on January 2 to tease the good news in a series of posts on Twitter and Instagram.

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    "Anytime she asks for some pickles on top of that ice cream, you know what that means," Chip mentions in his Instagram video with Joanna. "That hasn't been in like five or six years, Chip," the mom-to-be replies. "I feel like ... eerily due one," Chip counters -- before a series of clips with the couple chanting "number five!" begin.

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  • "Gaines party of 7," Chip revealed on Instagram. "... If you're still confused ... WE ARE PREGNANT."

    Joanna and Chip's newest addition will join their four children: son Drake, 12, daughter Ella, 11, son Duke, 9, and daughter Emmie Kay, 7.

  • Um, thanks for telling us, LOL.

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  • Joanna recently shared an ultrasound video on Instagram that will give fans each and every one of the feels.

    "Chip swears he can already tell it's a boy," she writes on Instagram. "Look at the little heartbeat!!"

  • People are over the moon about Joanna and Chip's baby news.

    The outpouring of love on social media is pretty heartwarming.

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  • And many had a feeling the HGTV duo chose to end their beloved reality show because of it.

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    Chip and Joanna announced they're ending Fixer Upper back in September, which sent shockwaves. "We gave everything we had to this show -- the beautiful homes and those sweet families -- but this just felt like the right time to catch our breath for a bit," Joanna told People. "We really want to focus on this break and take a step back to let this all soak in. Regardless of what the future holds, we are hopeful for what God has for us and our family in this next season."

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  • Aww.

  • Others, however, are less enthused and feel that having a baby "never fixes a marriage" amid speculation Chip and Joanna were have relationship trouble.

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  • Rumors of marital strife swirled around Chip and Joanna for some time, prompting the pair to address the hearsay. "...  I don't do great with seeing that kind of stuff, reading into it, I just don't know what's going on," Joanna told Today. "So then I'll hear someone come up to me and say, 'I hear you and Chip are getting a divorce.' I'm like, 'Where did you hear?' You know, I don't know any of this is going on."

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  • And some folks question why the couple needs five children, which *obviously* contributes to the issues of the world (insert sarcasm).

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    This criticism is pretty nuts.

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  • WOW ... we're really going there, huh?

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  • Chip and Joanna are free to expand their family however they see fit.

    And if you don't like it, move on with your life.

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