Coco Austin Shares Pics of Her 2-Year-Old Daughter & People Are Really Saying 'That Baby Is Ugly'

Coco Austin
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Just when you think people can't sink to a new low, they surpass any and all expectations (SMH). Coco Austin's photos of daughter Chanel's "first Santa experience" were meant to stir up holiday cheer. But instead, it riled up the nastiest of trolls, who not only took a shot at the celeb mom, but her 2-year-old daughter, too. 

  • Coco was all smiles with her toddler girl in tow to visit Santa, along with her sister Kristy and her kids.

    "Chanel's first Santa experience was awesome," the celeb mom wrote on Facebook. "She wouldn't totally sit on his lap but she did say I love you and gave him a dap. I went with all my sister['s] kids the 1st time then we went the next day (Christmas eve) to see Santa and his village again ... I had so many good pics when I got home I didn't know which ones to post!"

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    Coco and her husband, rapper and Law & Order:SVU star Ice-T, welcomed their daughter Chanel back in November 2015.

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  • Many of the celeb mom's followers loved the pics, and couldn't help but comment on how beautiful Coco's family is.

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  • This mommy-daughter duo is pretty cute.

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  • But all of that went to sh*t when people -- for no other reason than to be evil -- took digs at Coco's 2-year-old daughter.

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  • And they didn't hold back ... like, at all.

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  • You've got to be a special kind of cruel to ever think poking fun at a toddler -- no matter how passive-aggressive you try to mask the shade -- is ever okay.

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    This is so messed up ...

  • But wait, there's more! These holiday pics inspired some people to unnecessarily point out how "appropriately dressed as a mom" Coco is.

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    Coco wasn't safe from negative comments on her Instagram, either.

  • What ever happened to "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"?

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  • This is seriously a new low.

    Please do better in 2018.

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