Fans Are Crying for Kate Gosselin to Reconcile With Jon After She Shared a Pic of All Their Kids

Santi/ Splash News

Santi/ Splash News

No matter what reality star Kate Gosselin posts on her social media, people tend to ready the pitchforks. Whether you are a celebrity mom or not: when your kids grow, looking back at old photos of them will make you weepy. For the celeb mom of eight, it seems the holidays have her especially pining for those old days -- and people are weirdly not happy about it. 

  • All throughout December, she's been sharing pics of her kids when they were babies, each one more "aww"-worthy than the last.

    gosselin kids
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  • This time she shared her entire brood.


    Kate simply captioned the photo:

    "Merry Christmas, 2010... my six are 6 and my two are 10 here. Merry memories of years gone by! #MyBestPresentsEveryYear"

  • Most fans were super excited to see the family they remember watching grow up before their eyes.

    gosselin page

    They are pretty stinkin' cute. 

  • But of course, others had to be the dark hovering cloud over this mom's happy trip down memory lane.


    Uh, scroll down dude, there are plenty there.

  • Others of COURSE had to shade the mom about her son Collin, who Gosselin stated was sent to a facility to help manage his undisclosed "special needs" behavior.


  • Oh come ON. 

  • There were even a few folks who found the mom's reminiscing irritating.


    Ever heard of the "unfollow" button?

  • But most intense of all were folks who felt inspired to give her relationship advice.


    The truth is, Kate and Jon had a very messy divorce which has been plagued by accusations of public fighting and expensive court appearances

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  • While we would love to see the two make amends, the fact remains that we have no idea what happens behind their closed doors.

    How about we just let this family be as happy as they can this holiday seasons, hmmm?