15 Celeb Mom-Shaming Controversies, Ranked by Ridiculousness

Kayla Boyd | Dec 19, 2017 Celebrity Moms
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  • 4. Audrey Roloff for "putting pressure on an infant."


    The Little People, Big World reality star is almost always positive and enjoys updating her followers on her family. However, even a heartfelt, uplifting message to her daughter can cause the internet to criticize her. After Audrey posted on social media about how she wants her daughter to always believe in herself and to "glow in all she does," followers insisted she was "putting pressure on an infant." Another person even called Audrey's post "judgmental." Huh??

  • 3. Nikki Reed for "bragging" about breastfeeding.


    Not long after Nikki had her first child, she posted this photo on Instagram with the caption: "On my way to present at @variety's #powerofwomen luncheon and this is my hot date. Kidding. I have another hot date. But this thing is definitely our third wheel." 

    Cute and harmless, right? Well, someone in her comments actually decided to go off on her, writing: "Another celeb setting unhealthy ideals for motherhood. Snapping back to a ridiculous size in a ridiculous time and bragging about breastfeeding and making it look easy when it's literally the hardest thing. But you're a feminist aren't you."

    How on earth did we get here?!

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  • 2. Megan Fox for her "gay agenda."

    megan fox
    Splash News

    After Megan posted a rare photo of her kids, many angry people decided to hate on her little boy for wearing an Elsa dress. People said tons of ridiculous things, including: "People are so brainwashed by the gay agenda" and "[She's] going to hell for doing that to [her] son." REALLY?!

  • 1. Kelly Clarkson for her daughter's unhealthy snack.

    kelly clarkson
    Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

    When Kelly's daughter River tried Nutella first time, Kelly captured it in a cute video and posted it on Instagram. Mom-shamers couldn't even let this one slide. One person said: "Nutella is packed with sugars, don't make your kids blow up too." Dang! Another wrote: "Nutella is hella bad for you." Can they chill on Kelly, please? 

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