15 Celeb Mom-Shaming Controversies, Ranked by Ridiculousness

Kayla Boyd | Dec 19, 2017 Celebrity Moms
15 Celeb Mom-Shaming Controversies, Ranked by Ridiculousness
Image: Brett D. Cove/Splash News

Brett D. Cove/Splash News

Pretty much all celebrities are looked at through a microscope at some point and judged for everything they do, say, or post. However, it definitely seems like celebrity moms in particular are shamed more than anyone! Whether it's what they say to their kids, how they show them affection, what they let them wear ... it's all up for debate. And don't even get people started on the car seat straps! 

No matter how much celebrity moms, or pretty much any mom out there, try to do their best at parenting, someone will always have something to say. Sometimes parenting advice can be useful, but a lot of the times it is unsolicited, unhelpful, and even downright mean! 

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Famous moms already have the unique struggle of raising kids with the media and a huge social following detecting everything they do, so it's definitely a little unfair for them to get called out over something as little as what their kid eats on their toast (yes, I'm serious). The criticism can get pretty out of hand, and it's important for everyone to remember that they're all just trying their best. 

Here are 15 of the most absurd mommy-shaming controversies, ranked by how ridiculous they are.

  • 15. Kim Zolciak for being a "best friends" with her kids.

    Kim Zolciak
    Jen Lowery/Splash News

    On a photo Kim posted on her Instagram of her and her daughters, she captioned it "best friends." Many mommy-shamers shared their disapproval over Kim not drawing a line between the parent vs. friend role with her kids. 

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  • 14. Julia Stiles for not using a baby carrier "properly."


    When Julia gave a glimpse at her sweet new baby, fans had some passive-aggressive remarks about how she was using her baby carrier. A good handful of people felt the need to point out that she was supposed to "pull baby's legs out for proper placement." 

  • 13. Mila Kunis for being "selfish" for the holidays.

    mila kunis
    Splash News

    In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mila said: "So far, our tradition is no presents for the kids [on Christmas]." Her reasoning was because both the kids are very young and she would rather they appreciate things, rather than be overwhelmed by a bunch of stuff. Of course, this made some people pretty mad. Some fans said that Mila and Ashton Kutcher were being "selfish" for this decision and others said it was just "stupid." 

  • 12. Kim Kardashian for "exploiting" her daughter.


    Kim caught some heat for letting her daughter North West try on a dark shade of lipstick. We're pretty sure they were just having fun, but that didn't stop people from saying that Kim was "exploiting" her child. And, of course, there were people saying North was "too young" to play with makeup.

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  • 11. Ciara for having "no motherly instincts."

    Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

    While Ciara and her adorable little family were on a trip in China, they went riding on toboggans at the Mutianyu Great Wall of China. A video she posted on Instagram showed that her husband, Russell Wilson, held Ciara's 3-year-old son and Ciara held the couple's infant baby in a baby carrier while they were on the ride. Of course, people lost it over this. Ciara was told she has "no motherly instincts" by one follower. Another said she was "so dumb" and "risked" the baby.

  • 10. Jessica Simpson for being "too sexy."


    Jessica Simpson constantly gets scolded for the sexy pictures she posts online. When she posted this photo, one commenter said: "Is this how a mother of two really wants to act? Get it together Jessica, those days should be behind you." Another person wrote: "No offense but you have young children. Put your tits away."

    Really? So once someone becomes a mom I guess she's never allowed to look sexy again. 

  • 9. Chrissy Teigen for posting a shirtless photo of her daughter.


    When Chrissy Teigen, John Legend, and their 1-year-old daughter, Luna, went on a family trip in Bali, Indonesia, people got mad at one of the photos Chrissy posted (but what else is new). One of the photos featured Luna shirtless and followers just had to point it out. One person said, "Okay where's her clothes..." and another person wrote, "Cute pic but don't like that she's not wearing a shirt." I mean, she is a baby!

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  • 8. Hilary Duff for "inappropriate" kisses.


    Hilary Duff unintentionally caused a huge Internet debate over the fact she kisses her young son on the lips. Seriously, people lost it. One person called it "disgusting" and another called it "incest." Those are some pretty intense criticisms over something that many parents do! 

  • 7. Coco for being "white trash."


    Coco got shamed for taking her daughter, Chanel Nicole, to get a mani pedi. People in the comments of her Instagram video said she was "white trash" and called the trip to the nail salon "ridiculous." 

    We're not really sure how getting a little girl's nails painted makes someone white trash, but okay? 

  • 6. Pink for being "shallow."


    Pink gets mom shamed pretty much every time she posts a new photo on social media, but this one is pretty absurd. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, the singer said that the advice she gives her daughter on guys is: "They have to kind, respectful. They have to be chivalrous, they have to be good to their moms. They have to be good-looking, they have to be funny." Typical stuff, right?

    Well, the "good-looking" part got Pink in hot water. Fans called her advice to her daughter "shallow" and "superficial." 

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  • 5. Kate Gosselin for being "heartless."

    Kate Gosselin
    Ciao Hollywood/Splash News

    Kate gets tons and tons of spam of people criticizing the fact that her son Collin isn't around. He is currently at a school equipped to help him with his special needs. Well, people always have something to say about how she "doesn't care" about him or her boys in general. After she posted a cute throwback photo one of her daughters, she was accused of being "heartless" and not caring about her sons. One person wrote: "You love those girls more than you like the boys." Sheesh! 

  • 4. Audrey Roloff for "putting pressure on an infant."


    The Little People, Big World reality star is almost always positive and enjoys updating her followers on her family. However, even a heartfelt, uplifting message to her daughter can cause the internet to criticize her. After Audrey posted on social media about how she wants her daughter to always believe in herself and to "glow in all she does," followers insisted she was "putting pressure on an infant." Another person even called Audrey's post "judgmental." Huh??

  • 3. Nikki Reed for "bragging" about breastfeeding.


    Not long after Nikki had her first child, she posted this photo on Instagram with the caption: "On my way to present at @variety's #powerofwomen luncheon and this is my hot date. Kidding. I have another hot date. But this thing is definitely our third wheel." 

    Cute and harmless, right? Well, someone in her comments actually decided to go off on her, writing: "Another celeb setting unhealthy ideals for motherhood. Snapping back to a ridiculous size in a ridiculous time and bragging about breastfeeding and making it look easy when it's literally the hardest thing. But you're a feminist aren't you."

    How on earth did we get here?!

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  • 2. Megan Fox for her "gay agenda."

    megan fox
    Splash News

    After Megan posted a rare photo of her kids, many angry people decided to hate on her little boy for wearing an Elsa dress. People said tons of ridiculous things, including: "People are so brainwashed by the gay agenda" and "[She's] going to hell for doing that to [her] son." REALLY?!

  • 1. Kelly Clarkson for her daughter's unhealthy snack.

    kelly clarkson
    Xavier Collin/IPA/Splash News

    When Kelly's daughter River tried Nutella first time, Kelly captured it in a cute video and posted it on Instagram. Mom-shamers couldn't even let this one slide. One person said: "Nutella is packed with sugars, don't make your kids blow up too." Dang! Another wrote: "Nutella is hella bad for you." Can they chill on Kelly, please? 

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