Coco Austin Called 'White Trash' for Letting Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Get a Mani-Pedi

Coco Austin with daughter Chanel
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People are guaranteed to always have something to say about how someone parents a child ... but this is ridiculous. Coco Austin allowed her toddler to get a manicure and pedicure during a mommy-daughter outing, and instead of just accepting the fun event for what it was (cute), people can't help but shame the new mom -- going as far as to call Coco "white trash."

  • Coco is known for loving all things pink, fragrant, and fashion-forward.

    Coco and her husband Ice-T welcomed their daughter Chanel to the world back in November 2015.

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  • So it should be no surprise the model mom would allow her 2-year-old daughter to follow suit and get her nails (and toes) done.

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    "Sometimes Chanel gets her toes done with me at the salon but she wanted to try getting her hands done for the 1st time," Austin writes in her Instagram post. "She was a pro and sat still to let them dry. I have a new partner when I have to get my nails done now!! Who hoo! Am I creating a monster?"

  • Some people thought Coco and Chanel's mommy-daughter moment was adorable and a fun memory they'll have.

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  • Others, however, thought the idea of a toddler getting a mani-pedi is "ridiculous" and could've exposed little Chanel to infections.

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  • Kids probably have a better chance of picking up an infection at daycare.

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  • And just when you think no one would go for the jugular, "white trash" comments were thrown Coco's way.

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  • How on Earth did we get here??

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  • Thankfully, not everyone was ready to berate and chastise this mom for allowing her kid to get her toes painted.

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    Thank God for nice people and nice comments.

  • It's okay to disagree with a toddler wearing nail polish ... but calling a mom such a derogatory term is unacceptable.

    Seriously, why do people feel so enraged about something so simple that doesn't affect them?

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