15 Celebrity Mom Confessions That Are Totally Relatable

mila kunis
Sharpshooter Images / Splash News

It can be easy to forget that our favorite celebrities are just normal people (you know, aside from all that fame and fortune). Every once in a while, we are reminded of their normalcy when they tweet or give an interview about something we have experienced ourselves. Some of the funniest, best, and most relatable celebrity quotes seem to come from their parenting experiences. 


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Many of the celebrity moms out there have spilled the tea on what they go through with their kids, and boy can most moms relate! From tantrums to messy houses, if folks have/had little ones in their home then they have most likely been there. Sometimes seeing what a celebrity mom goes through can even make other moms feel better about their parenting mishaps. 

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Moms all over the world, whether they are famous or not, understand the struggles of extreme exhaustion, getting bullied by a 2-year-old, and struggling to leave a newborn for the first date night in ages. 

Here are 15 celebrity moms whose confessions were totally spot-on. We appreciate them for keeping it real!