'Rehab Addict' Star Nicole Curtis Still Trying to Deny Ex More Visitation Despite Weaning Toddler Off Breast Milk

Nicole Curtis

This is getting SUPER messy. Rehab Addict star Nicole Curtis plans to wean her toddler off breastfeeding while continuing her heated custody battle with ex Shane Maguire. And while some might breathe a sigh of relief at the controversial news, reports that the DIY Network star wants to prevent 2½-year-old Harper's father from getting additional visitation time is quite heartbreaking.

  • Outlets are reporting that Nicole recently filed new court documents stating she's "in the process of weaning" off her almost-3-year-old son.

    People also notes the November 27 court papers Nicole filed state "breast-feeding of the minor child does not interfere with [Maguire's] parenting time. While [Curtis] is in the process of weaning the minor child, this is a complete 'non-issue' in this matter."

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    Shane Maguire, Nicole's ex, claims the TV star purposely breastfeeds their son in order to prevent him from getting time with the child, the outlet once reported. Last year, a Michigan judge granted Shane joint custody and refused Nicole's requests for both a personal protection order and amended visitation schedule.

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  • Nicole has always advocated for the right to nurse her toddler, no matter how old he is.

    "You would think that something so natural was just an automatic right to the baby and to the mother. I don't think courts understand basic scientific logistics of breastfeeding; they see it as, just give the baby a bottle," Curtis once told People

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    "I had to pay an outside licensed lactation specialist to witness me pump without results," the mom explained now to People. "I sat in my living room with my shirt off, hooked up in front of a stranger to document that my body did not produce enough."

  • And now, it seems the television host is trying to stop her ex from spending more time with their son.

    In addition to revealing Nicole's court documents, People notes the celeb mom also wants a tribunal to deny Shane's request for extra parenting time with their son Harper -- which is likely in response to the November 13 court document Shane filed. "[Maguire's] request for additional parenting time should be summarily denied," the documents allegedly state. "[Curtis] states that the current agreed-upon parenting time schedule remains in the best interests of the minor child."

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  • Hopefully these two can come to some sort of arrangement that allows Harper to enjoy his parents whenever he wants.

    Seeing as Shane moved cross-country to be closer to Harper -- with Nicole later moving back to California (Curtis calls her ex's move "nothing more than a stunt" in court documents) -- something needs to give.

    ... 'cause all of this isn't healthy for anyone.

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