Olympic Gymnast Dominique Dawes Reveals She's Expecting Twins After Suffering a Miscarriage

Dominique Dawes
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And babies make six! A huge congratulations are in order as Dominique Dawes just announced she's expecting twins. The Olympic gymnast's good news comes after Dominique shared she suffered a miscarriage earlier this year that could be the encouraging word so many women need to hear.

  • Dominique took to Instagram November 20 -- that just so happened to be her birthday -- to announce she's expecting a boy and a girl in January.

    "Well, a lot to say here on my BIRTHDAY post! Now being 41 couldn't feel better -- unless you're extremely pregnant -- with TWINS, due this January!" Dawes revealed in her Instagram post. "It's definitely a juggling act to post with two toddlers all day ..."

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     Dominique and her husband Jeff Thompson have two toddler daughters: Kateri and Quinn.

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  • "... I've been overwhelmed with love and support by you all, concerning my miscarriage earlier this year," she writes in her post.

    "I couldn't tell you how much it meant to read your kind words and reading the stories you've shared about your personal struggle as well, with dealing with a miscarriage. 

    It's surreal to know that this pregnancy has been tough, as most are, but extremely joyful -- my husband and 2 little daughters are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new daughter and son!! I wanted to share this amazing news with you on my birthday, because children are The greatest gift one can receive from God. Please keep my little growing family in your prayers! When my husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday, did I really say that I wanted a washer and dryer. #momlife"

  • Back in February, the gold medalist opened up about suffering a miscarriage in a heartbreaking Facebook post where she admits she felt ashamed.

    "Yes, I am putting myself out there and saying this is the toughest thing I've ever been through, acknowledging the fact that we lost a child in utero," the 41-year-old wrote in her touching Facebook post

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    She continues:

    "I know so many women out there have been through this, but it doesn't make it easier. First, I was in complete DENIAL& ASHAMED ... I've been holding onto HOPE that there is still a fighting chance that this isn't true, but I'm facing the certain reality that it is the hard truth. ACCEPTANCE! Every pregnancy is so intimate and personal. It still hurts. But, having God, a loving husband (who has totally stepped up and cleans the dishes every night now) and my 2 most precious and prized gifts--my two baby girls to comfort me and stand with me through these tough days. 

    Knowing the reality and accepting this miscarriage, has brought me to a better place. At first I was ashamed and blamed myself, like I did something wrong. Now I'm looking forward with HOPE for the future! I know there are women out there who have and are going through this reality. Put faith in God first, lean on loved ones and everything will work out the way it was meant to. God Bless ..."

  • Dominique Dawes is such an inspiration who continues to inspire people.

    Maybe her kids will follow in their mama's footsteps by becoming future Olympic gymnasts.

  • We're so excited for you!

    Congrats again!!

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