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  • Mila also jokes motherhood "is like doing a horrible movie."

    "Mothers just do it, willingly. It's weird," the actress adds. "I'm like, 'That's plastic, let's not put that in our mouth. Don't put that in your mouth. Just simply don't put that in your mouth. That's glass, let's not put that in our mouth. That's raw eggs, let's not put those in our mouth.' That's just, I don't think that's sage advice, I just think that's common sense ... but not to a 3-year-old."

    Yup, we get that too, LOL.

  • Seriously, how can you not love Mila and her stories about her sometimes-F-word-slinging 3-year-old? (LOL.)

    Mila Kunis
    Joe Martinez/PictureLux/Splash

    "My daughter has used 'f**k,'" Kunis reveals in her interview. "She just went, 'Ah, f**k this.' Ashton and I looked at each other, acknowledged it and walked away and giggled to ourselves. Yeah, I’m not proud of it."

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    Oh, Mama, you truly are NOT alone.

  • You can check out Mila's full interview here:

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