Dean McDermott Fires Back at His Ex-Wife Over Claims He's a 'Deadbeat Dad'

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Dean McDermott and Mary Jo Eustace
Santi/Splash News; Sonia Hall/Splash News

Talk about shots fired. Tori Spelling's husband Dean McDermott is hitting back at his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace over claims that he's more than $100,000 behind in child support payments for their 19-year-old son Jack. And for the first time ever, the dad of six is breaking his silence about the rumors swirling around his child support battles to set the record straight about being a "deadbeat dad."

  • Dean is reportedly facing jail time (again) after his ex-wife filed a court of contempt in October alleging he owes her $100,000 in child support.

    Dean McDermott
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    Mary Jo and Dean, who separated in 2006 after 13 years of marriage when he and Tori had an affair, came to an out-of-court agreement back in March when the celeb dad reportedly faced eight counts of contempt -- and possible jail time -- for missed child support payments for their 19-year-old son Jack.

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    Dean also has five children -- son Liam, 10; daughter Stella, 9; daughter Hattie, 6; son Finn, 5; and son Beau, 8 months -- with his wife Tori Spelling.

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  • But as this dad of six retorts, Mary Jo is trying to get alimony payments and *not* child support.

    Tori Spelling, Jack McDermott, and Dean McDermott
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    "I have taken this for years and this is the first time I've talked to anybody but I've had it," McDermott exclusively told DailyMailTV.

    He continued:

    "This is a woman who is trying to exact revenge. She's constantly in the press, calling me a deadbeat dad and saying these charges are for delinquent child support. They are not. 

    "I do not deny that I owe her money. I have tried countless times to work things out with her. She knows I'm an actor, she knew that when she married me all those years ago. The business is up and down. I'm not making a ton of money right now. I got behind on it but I will pay. I told her upfront I was having a hard time financially. I reached out to Mary Jo to discuss it and work it out. Instead of being a normal human being and working it out with me, she went to the courts and put me on notice. 

    "My late alimony payments incur interest and I can't keep up with the interest. This number just keeps growing. Let me make this perfectly clear -- up until the last eight months of alimony that I owe her, I never missed an alimony or child support payment."

  • "I'm not the guy who is portrayed in the press," Dean said in his interview. "I'm a good guy, a great actor, a great dad, and a great husband."

    Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling with their five children
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    "I'm just a good guy trying to make it in Hollywood. I'm tired of being the whipping boy and for her to get away with this. It's been almost 13 years, can we move on?" he questioned to the DailyMailTV.

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    McDermott also claims that she is ruining his reputation, and that it has cost him jobs in the past. 

  • Dean also addressed accusations that he confessed to making a "terrible mistake" marrying Tori, and that her mom Candy pays his bills.

    Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
    Jen Lowery / Splash News

    "It's quite evident by all the past and present press that there is a smear campaign going on here [by Mary Jo] to make Tori and myself look bad," the dad explained to DailyMailTV.

    As for rumors that Dean and Tori hit a snag in their finances, Dean brushes it off as pure nonsense.

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    "Here's the thing that makes no sense whatsoever -- Mary Jo continues to say that Candy Spelling pays for our life," McDermott mentioned. "If that were the case, do you not think that I would have paid Mary Jo off a long time ago? Because I want nothing to do with the woman."

  • And as for Mary Jo's claims Dean "bounced" his son's rent check, he says that's completely false, too.

    Dean and Jack McDermott
    @Parisa / Splash News

     "The rent payment is made through a portal and I set up the portal wrong. I put in a payment amount of $1,001 but it is supposed to be $1,100," McDermott explained to the DailyMailTV

    "So the portal being automated, it declined the payment and showed that it was outstanding. They [portal payment operators] never contacted me until two and half weeks after this happened, so they put the boys' apartment on notice for a late payment of rent. If I'd been told of the mistake, I would have remedied it right away."

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    Dean also questions what Mary Jo has done with his child support after their son Jack lived with him and Tori at one point years ago. He alleges Jack would show up to his home in holey clothing, and when confronted about it, would say, "Mom says you need to buy me new clothes."

    McDermott also claims he "paid for everything outside of what she should have been using the child support for" and used the support money and alimony for other things.

  • Hopefully things can get better for Dean and Mary Jo -- and they might be, as the dad reveals things have recently taken a turn for the positive.

    Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott
    Xavier Collin/Image Press/Splash

    "Mary Jo is being very amicable right now. I don't know why but all in all, that's a good thing," McDermott disclosed during his interview. "I always look forward to working things out amicably because that's how I think it should be. Relationships don't work out but there's no reason why you can't work on things for the greater good and in this scenario, that is Jack."

    Be sure to keep this family (including Mary Jo) on your prayer cards. They're gonna need it.

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