Fans Slam Kim Zolciak-Biermann After Sharing Pic of Her 5-Year-Old Son With the Dog That Nearly Blinded Him

Kim Zolciak-Biermann
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It's been many months since reality star Kim Zolciak-Biermann's now 5-year-old son Kash suffered a severe dog bite, resulting in emergency surgery. And with Kim's Don't Be Tardy reality show now airing the horrific incident, all eyes are back on the celeb mom of six. Kim's pic of Kash kissing the dog who bit him is coming under heavy fire with concerns she's putting her son in danger.

  • Kim took to Instagram to share a cuddly photo of Kash with Sinn, the dog who bit and nearly blinded him, in an effort to raise awareness.

    "[My husband] Kroy and I after a few tough days and many conversations decided to share our story about Kash and the dog bite," the reality star wrote in her Instagram post.

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    She continued:

    "I'm sick to my stomach and my eyes are full of tears as I try to even write this ... the sole purpose we did share this was to raise awareness that this can happen to ANYONE! I'll never forget Kash's plastic surgeon a few weeks after the bite/ and Kash's surgery, He looked me square in my eyes and said, 'You guys know how blessed you are (it was less than a millimeter from his eye ball (his waterline was sliced in half) and you have the platform to raise awareness and I hope you do!' Well Dr Williams you best believe we willl!!! Kash has healed incredibly .... Thank you guys so much for all your support. P.S My Kashew is the strongest little boy I know!"

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  • Kim's husband Kroy Biermann (who was present during the April 22 incident) admitted he felt a "deep rage" for their dog Sinn after the incident.

    He told People:

    "I hated Sinn .... Sinn was always a good dog, extremely obedient and protective and not at all aggressive. He's hyper-active and hyper-sensitive but wants to work and loves to be commanded. I love my dog, and nothing like this had ever happened to me before. But it's my son. I don't love anything more than my flesh and blood. I thought, 'I don't want to see the dog -- he doesn't get a second chance.'"

  • Many are so happy to see the 5-year-old happy.

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  • And they applaud Kim and Kroy for making the decision to keep their dog.

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  • Others, however, aren't so forgiving and feel the decision to keep Sinn -- and let Kash get so close to him -- is "downright stupidity."

    Kim revealed to People that the decision to keep their family's beloved husky-boxer mix was hard. Both Kim and Kroy spoke to a number of specialists and child psychologists, and after viewing home surveillance footage -- that showed Kash wasn't intentionally attacked -- the couple settled on keeping Sinn.

    "Sinn and Kash have been best friends since the day we got Sinn," the reality star explained to People. "Kash is an absolute animal lover, and Sinn is definitely his favorite, without a shadow of a doubt .... [But] if Kash ever looked at me and said that he didn't want to be around Sinn or showed any hesitation, then he wouldn't be here. We love Sinn, he's part of our family, but our children will always come first without a doubt."

  • People unloaded on Kim's post and the potential risk that keeping the dog poses to Kash.

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  • Folks also pointed out Sinn's body language in the pic and the need for Kim to educate her kids in an effort to prevent another "avoidable incident."

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  • Even a veterinary company chimed in, pointing out all the things wrong in Kim's "toe-curling update."

    "Biting is not a one-off, and its prevention depends ENTIRELY on the safety practices of the parents -- children should not kiss dogs on the face or hug dogs while they're resting," the company wrote in its six-point Facebook post.

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    "Sinn is just a dog. We're the humans. Shock [Sinn looks to be wearing a shock collar] and 'heaving training' can increase anxiety and defense aggression.

    The lesson learned by these reality TV stars? Absolutely nothing, except for the monetary reinforcement of social media. I think it's unproductive to criticize parents when they clearly are ignorant about dog behavior (and child behavior), but this has become fodder for TV ratings. Sadly, I predict that Sinn will bite Kash again when he feels trapped, fearful, in pain, stressed or threatened, and we'll hear all about it."

  • We're crossing our fingers Kim and Kroy are doing everything they can to make sure their kids (and animals) are safe.

    One can only hope nothing this horrifying happens to Kash -- or anyone else, for that matter.

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