Amy Roloff's Newest Pic With Son Jacob Leaves Fans With So Many Questions

Amy and Jacob Roloff
Amy Roloff/Facebook

If you've been keeping up with a certain reality family -- who aren't the Kardashians -- you've likely noticed a certain someone making more and more appearances. Jacob Roloff's cameo in mom Amy's latest pic has Little People, Big World fans cheering and scratching their heads at the same time.

  • Amy recently shared this adorable photo on social media after she lost power in her home, causing the reality star to head to Tori and Zach's house.

    "So what do you do when you're power goes out? Go over to Zach and Tori's house and hang out!" the mom of four writes on Facebook about her sweet photo with son Jacob, his girlfriend Isabel Rock, grandson Jackson (Tori and Zach's baby), and daughter-in-law Tori.

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  • Roloff fans are overjoyed with Jacob's presence in the photo and being "part of the family again."

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    New outlets report Jacob Roloff has been estranged from his family for some time after he made the decision to part ways with Little People, Big World.

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  • Seeing Jacob more involved -- i.e., in photos shared on social -- is giving people all the feels.

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  • Still, it wouldn't be a Roloff post without some questions. Fans are curious why Amy didn't go to her boyfriend Chris's house.

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    Amy and Chris Marek have been dating for close to a year.

  • And they couldn't help but throw a little shade his way.

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  • Others are curious as to why we're seeing more Jacob sightings in family photos.

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  • And they're wondering whether or not this means the Roloffs started taping a new season -- possibly with Jacob back in the mix again.

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  • Honestly, who knows what's in store for this family in the future.

    But for now, let's just celebrate this for what it is: a happy mother and grandma spending some time with the people she loves.

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