'Rehab Addict' Star Nicole Curtis Accused of Breastfeeding Her 30-Month-Old Son to Prevent Her Ex From Seeing Him

Matt Brandt / Splash News

Nicole Curtis
Matt Brandt / Splash News

The decision to consciously uncouple is never an easy feat, which can make the journey extremely rocky -- especially if a child is involved. DIY Network star Nicole Curtis is speaking out about her nasty custody battle with her ex Shane Maguire and her decision to keep on breastfeeding their 30-month-old son Harper that's causing major controversy.

  • Nicole asserts courts have made it difficult to nurse her once "exclusively breastfed child" just so her ex can see him -- and it's not right.

    "He had never had a bottle before, and then all of a sudden that was his only option while he was with his dad," the 40-year-old Rehab Addict star exclusively told People. "I had no idea that a judge could say, 'You're court ordered to not feed your exclusively breastfed child.' It's important that children have both of their parents. But [preventing] me from breastfeeding my child just so he can see the dad is not right."

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    People notes Shane, 54, reportedly accused Nicole in court of "continuing to breastfeed the now-toddler as a way to prevent him from getting time with his son."

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  • The mag reports that Nicole and Shane were on-again, off-again for some time before splitting just before the reality star found out she was pregnant.

    According to the Detroit News, a judge awarded Shane with joint custody, payment for monies spent during missed parenting time, and "make-up visitation time" last year after refusing Nicole's requests to amend his visitation schedule and seek a personal protection order.

    The same judge also warned Curtis that failure to uphold her decision could result in the star going to jail. "I'm tired of the parties being back here every other week," Oakland Circuit Judge Lisa Langton said, the Detroit News reports. "I consider this contempt of a court order ... and could include jail time."

  • And, needless to say, their journey to co-parent has been anything but smooth.

    "Just setting up my new Twitter so the truth can be told about who I am," Maguire tweeted in March. 

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    "Shane just wants a relationship with his child and doesn't have a desire to take Nicole to court," Shane's lawyer told E! News in April. "Nicole Curtis has been sanctioned by the court more than once for violating parenting time and for violating the judge and the courts orders."

  • Since her tumultuous custody battles began, Nicole continues to defend her right to breastfeed her child, even now at 30 months.

    "You would think that something so natural was just an automatic right to the baby and to the mother," Curtis once told People. "I don't think courts understand basic scientific logistics of breastfeeding; they see it as, just give the baby a bottle."

    Nicole says she nursed her son Harper exclusively for the first six months of his life before her ex Shane got joint custody, which resulted in a court-ordered arrangement that's "jeopardized her milk supply."

    "I had to pay an outside licensed lactation specialist to witness me pump without results," the mom explained now to People. "I sat in my living room with my shirt off, hooked up in front of a stranger to document that my body did not produce enough."

  • Though the mom has been granted once-a-day visits during Shane's days with their son, Nicole says she's still fighting the good fight.

    "I've always been a fighter. If something's not right, I'm the first person to stand up. And I don't believe that my child should have to wean because of our situation," she told People. 

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    As for her 30-month-old son still breastfeeding, Nicole tells critics "he's still a baby." 

    "... It's not like he's 7 or 8," she mentioned to People. "Every single day I have to weather criticism about how my child is too old to breastfeed. But when he weans, it's going to be his decision. I truly believe it's the child's choice."

  • Hopefully these two can come to some sort of resolve for the sake of their son Harper.

    ... because this right here is beyond messy.

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