Tom Cruise Reportedly Doesn't Want to See Pics of Daughter Suri, Because 'She's No Longer Part of His Life'

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Tom Cruise
Leonhard Foeger / Reuters / Splash

For years, there's been speculation about this mega-star being an estranged dad. And should this rumor be true, any form of reconciliation might prove to be a real-life "Mission: Impossible." Tom Cruise reportedly does not want pics of his daughter Suri shared online for the most heartbreaking reason.

  • Maryann Carter, a noted friend of Tom's, claims the actor told her Suri is "no longer part of [his] life" and that he doesn't want to see pics of her.

    Tom Cruise
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    New Idea reports that Maryann -- a "longtime pal" and manager of a Tom Cruise Facebook page -- spoke to the actor, who's apparently "fed up" with seeing photos of his now-11-year-old daughter online.

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    "I am going to ask that no one post anything with Suri in the future," Maryann wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, a screenshot of which can be seen on New Idea. "[Suri] is no longer part of his life!! If you do, I will erase it!! If you continue, I will have to remove you!! Thanks!"

    When asked if older snaps of Tom with his daughter count, the reported friend wrote, "Yes .... no photos!! His request."

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  • To recap, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes tied the knot back in 2006 before calling it quits in 2012.

    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
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    The couple, who were both Scientologists at one point (Katie converted during their union), welcomed Suri the same year.

  • Since their split -- and Katie's decision to leave Scientology -- multiple news outlets have reported Tom hasn't seen his daughter for *years.*

    Tom Cruise
    Splash News

    Us Weekly claims an insider told the publication that both Katie and Suri are "excommunicated" from Tom as a result of walking away from the religion. The outlet also asserts Tom has a relationship with his other children (daughter Isabella, 24, and son Connor, 22) as they still maintain the Scientology faith.

  • "Katie has grown so tired, disappointed, and frustrated with Tom's absence as a father," a source tells

    Suri Cruise
    Nancy Rivera / Splash News

    "Tom does not make time for Suri and she has learned to deal with not having her father around," the source continues in the exclusive interview. "As Suri matures into a young girl, she is learning more about who her father is in the world and about his busy lifestyle as a mega-star actor. But that does not make things any easier for the child."

  • It's extremely troubling to think Tom wouldn't want his daughter in his life -- or would go out of his way to not see photos of her online.

    Here's hoping things can turn around for this family.

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