Baby Ember Roloff Hilariously Upstages Audrey's Sentimental Post -- & We Can't Stop Laughing

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff
Jeremy Roloff/Facebook

Babies -- you gotta love 'em. Little People, Big World stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff recently shared a new marriage revelation that had a very unexpected -- and very messy -- ending that'll make you laugh, especially if you're a parent.

  • Audrey gave Roloff fans some insight into her marriage and how much baby Ember, almost 2 months, gives her so much joy.

    "Every Sunday Jeremy and I do our marriage journal," the new mom reveals in a sentimental Facebook post with the cutest pic of Ember Jean.

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    She continues:

    "It's a journal with weekly questions that help us connect, communicate, and grow in love. It has been by far the greatest communication tool in our marriage. Every week, the first question in our journal is: 'What brought you joy this week?' The last 4 weeks my answer has been the same ... 'Ember's smile.' I mean come on, how could it not be?! It has become one of my life's greatest joys to smile back at my daughter and laugh when she laughs."

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  • Well, it seems Ember might've been so excited to be the apple of her mama's eye that she blessed her parents with an unexpected gift.

    Jeremy Roloff Facebook post
  • LOL!

    Sorry, we're not laughing at you guys ... (LOL).

  • Honestly, who knows if the chicken came before the egg -- or in this case, the blowout before Audrey and Jeremy's marriage ritual.

    Either way, it's pretty hilarious -- and too freaking relatable.

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